post-title How to Spear Fish

How to Spear Fish

How to Spear Fish

How to Spear Fish

Spearing fish is an ancient method of fishing that’s been making a resurgence. Unfortunately, most people will never try to Spear Fish. It is not every day you’ll throw yourself into an environment where you’re no longer the apex predator.

Just the thought of it will prevent most people from dipping their toes in the water. But if that excites you, here’s how to spear fish.

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Equipment Needed

The basic equipment to get started includes:

  • A speargun or pole spear
  • Wetsuit
  • Weight belt
  • Mask, Fins and snorkel
  • Dive knife
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Shooting Your First Fish

This step takes practice. Fish are dynamic creatures and can sense you coming. You will miss a lot. Don’t get discouraged!

You will hit your first one. Try to hit them behind their head near the gill plate. A perfect shot will stop a fish in its tracks.

After you hit the fish, head up to the surface and pull them into you. Grab the fish from the gills and take your dive knife and stab the fish in the brain.

It sounds gross, but it’ll put down the fish and prevent it from suffering further.

Bleed the fish by cutting the gills with your knife and left it bleed.

Get the fish to the boat and go off to catch your next one.


Make sure you follow the local laws as most places need a permit and have limits on how many fish you can take.

As a best practice, it’s good to take only what you can consume. The worse thing you can do is take a fish and waste it by not eating it or taking a fish that’s not good to eat.

Know the species that aren’t endangered or threatened. Make sure the fish you take are worth eating and sharing with others.

Diver Safety

Spearfishing doesn’t come without risks!

First, never dive alone. A dive buddy will help lower the risk of death.

Second, know your limits. If you’re new to diving, take a free-diving course and learn from an expert the right techniques.

Last, you’re sharing the water with other predators. If you see a shark, do whatever you can to get out of the water in a calm and collected way.

Spearfishing is an amazing adventure and brings you close to nature. Good luck out there!

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 By: Jon Stenstrom, Cast & Spear
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