Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort

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Nestled on a white, sandy beach on the East Cape located 70 miles southeast of La Paz, and 35 miles north of Los Cabos Airport off Highway #1. The luxurious Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort is situated on the East Cape along the Sea of Cortez, Baja Callifornia Sur, Mexico. Guests enjoy beautiful beaches, pristine natural mineral waters, excellent cuisine, eco-tourism tours and world's best sportfishing and diving.

Located on Baja's magnificent Sea of Cortez, between Cabo San Lucas and La Paz (45 minutes north of the Los Cabos International Airport) Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort began as a beachfront hacienda. It was originally built as the vacation retreat by Mexican General Agustín Olachea, two-time governor of Baja California Sur.

In October 1976, Jesus "Chuy" Valdez, a young entrepreneur from La Paz with great dreams, leased this property. At that time, the East Cape was virtually undiscovered. The area's pristine beauty, world-class sport fishing, safe beaches and pure underground hot springs made it an ideal place for a resort.

He named it Spa Buenavista and opened with 13 rooms. Valdez purchased the property in 1981 and began expanding the hotel to include 60 rooms, a fleet of 20 fishing boats, lushly landscaped grounds with pool, swim-up bar and world-class restaurant. In 1992 the resort's name was changed to Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort.

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort retains the "Old Mexico" style of hospitality. This four-star resort welcomes you with wide-open arms and makes you feel like one of the family. It's no wonder that guests return again and again, year after year.

buena vista baja california

Buena Vista Baja California

  hotel buena vista beach resort

Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort

  hotel buena vista baja california

Hotel Buena Vista Baja California


When most people think of the Baja landscape, they think of desert, mountains and sea. That doesn,t even scratch the surface. There is a world of splendor under the sea to be explored. There are hidden tropical oases, waterfalls and hot springs in the mountains. The only living coral reef in western North America can be found here, in the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park. There are lush plantations terraced down steep mountainsides.

In coastal lagoons you can find amazing birds and other wildlife. There are ancient Indian rock paintings in the mountains, and crumbling, old Spanish missions dotted up and down the peninsula. There is even a zoo in the East Cape. Come stay a few days. You can book adventure tours through the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort and set out to explore the frontier just outside our front door.


East Cape - Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, México

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