post-title Gordo Banks Pangas Fish Report November 30, 2018

Gordo Banks Pangas Fish Report November 30, 2018

Gordo Banks Pangas Fish Report November 30, 2018

Gordo Banks Pangas Fish Report November 30, 2018

San Jose del Cabo Anglers – November 30, 2018

Well the main busy fall season has now come to an end, as crowds of
tourists and visiting anglers have lightened considerably, this is the
normal pattern after the Thanksgiving Holiday, as people have other
priorities and are now gearing up for Christmas Holiday coming up in
several weeks. This is now actually a great time to visit, with the
crowds down, this gives the bait supply a chance to replenish, also
means less boat pressure on the fishing grounds, typically through the
month of December we are still targeting the same gamefish species, such
as yellowfin tuna, dorado, wahoo, as well as striped marlin.

Through much of this week we again felt the north winds, not as bad as
the previous week, but still gusting and making for rougher conditions.
Ocean temperature has been in the 77 to 79 degree range though most of
the region. Main live bait being offered is caballito, also ballyhoo and
slabs of squid available. Local fleets were mainly fishing the grounds
from Red Hill to Gordo Banks, Iman, San Luis and as far north as
Vinorama. Overall the action was more sporadic and spread out, really no
particular hot spot from day to day, numbers of fish caught were less,
but still there were some nice catches accounted for. On these grounds
the main species being found are yellowfin tuna, dorado or wahoo. Not
much going on off the bottom besides triggerfish and a few early morning
snapper and cabrilla.

Every day we hear of one or two larger sized tuna being hooked into,
most of these were taken off of the Gordo Banks, in recent days there
was one yellowfin of 220 lb. and another of 145 lb., several other big
fish lost. Slow trolling larger baits or drift fishing with strips of
squid produced hook ups. Tuna were found from Iman to Vinorama as well,
most of these in the 10 to 70 lb. class, but numbers were few and far

Dorado action was very good early in the week, especially off of Red
Hill area, but then this action became more spread out, trolling
ballyhoo or caballito seemed to be the best bet for finding these
schooling dorado. The fish being encountered have ranged up to 20 lb.
There are a lot of wahoo in the area, but getting them to bite has been
the hard part. Many wahoo are striking while anglers are drifting with
squid for tuna, these fish have not been striking trolled lures as well
as they do at times. Best chances seem to come now on slow trolled
baits, such as caballito or chihuil. Lots of spear fishing pressure now,
this is the season the divers come out in force, the deal is that there
are now far greater numbers of spear fishermen that are congregating on
the same grounds that the rod and reel anglers are and we do notice that
this does make the fish that much more spooky and elusive. Inshore areas
are fragile and cannot sustain such pressure.

Along the shoreline there have been some roosterfish, jack crevalle,
most roosters being smaller fish, but we heard of an occasional much
larger specimen caught and released, not the normal deal for this time
of year. Billfish bite has mainly been on the Pacific now, good number
of striped marlin, though a handful of stripers are being seen around
the Iman Banks and the Gordo Banks

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos
Marina sent out approximately 104 charters for the week. Anglers
reported a fish count of: 7 striped marlin, 135 dorado, 45 wahoo, 85
yellowfin tuna, 34 bonito, 14 white skipjack, 8 red snapper, 11 yellow
snapper, 4 cabrilla, 5 sierra, 18 roosterfish, 4 jack crevalle and 90

Good fishing, Eric

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