post-title Giant Blue Marlin, in Los Cabos!

Giant Blue Marlin, in Los Cabos!

Giant Blue Marlin, in Los Cabos!

Giant Blue Marlin in Los Cabos!

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México
April 15, 2019.

On an April 15, 2019, breezy Sunday afternoon, a blue marlin, weighing an enormous 814 pounds (370 kilograms), was caught in the calm Sea of Cortez waters of Cabo San Lucas. Once it was finally reeled up to the outer edges of the boat, “Tiburón”, belonging to the Piscis fleet, it took the combined help of 8 men to upload it onto the small fishing yacht.
After having caught 7-yellowfin tunas, Captain Rosendo Gómez and his fishermen mates from California, Mark Molnar, Sam Ferrans and Curtis Paul recorded the gigantic haul on their way back from several hours of fishing.  After four and a half hours of fighting with the blue marlin, the humongous 814 lbs marlin died. Once that fishing battle at sea was finally over, it took an additional two more hours to get the super-sized, heavy fish on board the boat.
The prized catch was first intended as a catch and release, since the Captain and his angler team already had a prosperous bounty, worthy of bar room tales, and legendary stories of their seven yellowfin catching day. Photos of the amazing catch were taken and shared on social media, from another Pisces vessel (Reels N Dirt), which came to help since the 4-fishermen and crew struggled to pull the blue marlin on deck, although.
Upon arriving at the port of Cabo San Lucas, measurements were taken of the very large blue marlin specimen, which weighed 814 pounds. During last year’s 2018 Bisbee’s Black & Blue Fishing Tournament, the winning marlin weighed 510 lbs, which earned the victorious angler team a triumphant 3-million dollars. The 12 hours at sea were summed up best by fisherman, Curtis Paul, ”This was an experience we will never forget. It was the first time we had fish on both lines, the first time we ever caught 7-tunas, the first time they sent reinforcements to help, and the first and only time we caught a fish that weighed 814 pounds, “said Curtis.


Photos: Pisces Sportfishing Fleet


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