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Fonart - 100 Mexico Arts and Crafts 100% Mexico is a point of sale for FONART.
Fondo Nacional para el Fomento de las Artesanias

The National Fund for the Development of Arts and Crafts (FONART) through the Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL) branches into four different programs in benefit of the Mexican artisans. With the objective of fulfilling the needs of the artisans, FONART focuses on training and technical assistance, financing production, organizing contests and the acquisition of crafts.

The focus of training and technically assisting artisans is to improve the quality and design of their products to fit the requirements and necessities of today s consumer. Their modo Development with Identity looks to identify the elements that define the essence of artistic expression based on a techno-cultural analysis and the sensitivity of the traditional elements. The program works throughout the production chain to provide the artisans with elements to better the design, technique, materials and tools keeping in mind the preservation of the environment.

Mexican Art -100% Mexico Hecho a Mano - Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico mexican Crafts - 100% Mexico Hecho a Mano - Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico 100% Mexico Hecho a Mano - Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico

Contributing to the sustainable economic growth of the artisans, FONART provides them with grants for their production distributed by the regional centers or the different institutions of craft promotion in the country. Grants can be given to individuals or organized groups that because of their socio-economic circumstances don´t count with commercial banking infrastructure.

For eligibility of individuals they must present a product or be given a letter by a municipal authority confirming their activity and residence. In case of an organized group of artisans the requirements are having the capacity to operate and carry-out the projects stipulated in the grant and not count with conventional sources for credit.

Contests are organized periodically to honor those artisans that have excelled in their work in the areas of innovation, preservation and rescue of traditional techniques. The contests are held locally, regionally, state wide and national, this bringing together a variety of techniques, materials and colors. In organizing this event FONART receives the pieces, displays them for the jurors, and puts them on exhibit and sale, positioning the pieces as high valued items.

FONART conducts the acquisition of crafts in three different ways: Direct purchase through the regional centers of the institution, these centers also receive artisans who wish to sell their work; an established calendar where a FONART specialist visits the communities and buys products; and through the different state-run institutions that promote crafts. For those communities in which their native tongue is still their first language, a translator is hired to inform the artisans of the options here mentioned.

100% Mexico Hecho a Mano
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100% Mexico Hecho a Mano - Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico
Fonart - Mexico, Los Cabos

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