post-title Drawing Los Cabos Streets

Drawing Los Cabos Streets

Drawing Los Cabos Streets

Drawing Los Cabos Streets

When I first got here, many years ago, little I know about the small towns united by a luxurious Tourist Corridor, the pristine and endless beaches, the noisy nightlife, the astounding desert landscapes and the high-end lifestyle. Then, after a couple of jobs I managed myself to be a member of the design team of Los Cabos Magazine; it was the first time I was going to work on editorial, I studied graphic design, but I am really an illustrator and all my previous jobs were more on the drawing table working with paper, pencils, pens and brushes, more than been in front of a computer putting together a magazine.

After a few days I was assigned a vehicle to work on the Maps, that was something I really loved, because there was a lot of research and scouting involved. In that time there were no Google maps or any other digital help that we have nowadays. So I went here and there all over Los Cabos and made a lot of notes, drawings and make sure I had the right proportions for the all the maps. I discover that a lot of streets had no name, the planning of the city of Cabo San Lucas layout was not traced thoroughly, since it was originally a fishermen’s colony. San José del Cabo street layout is better planned. First I worked on the three main maps, Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo and the Tourist Corridor, then, the towns started to grow, so on next editions we made more detailed maps, Downtown Cabo and Downtown San José del Cabo. I was also sent to Todos Santos to elaborate that map and to artistically render the Pacific side between that magical town and Los Cabos. Of course the East Cape map was on our sights too and I drawn that area with most pleasure.

I can say without a doubt that the assignment I loved the most regarding elaborating maps was the Underwater Canyon of Cabo San Lucas. I’m a diver myself, so I made the suggestion to Joseph Tyson, the owner and Editor of the magazine, he is a diver too, so after a quick chat he agreed for me to spend a week diving with guide friend and there I was, plotting and taking measures of the depth of every significant point. The entire canyon from north to south making special notation on the most visited diving sites, such as Pelican Rock, Neptune’s Finger, The Sand Falls, The Point, The Sealion Colony, Middle and North Wall and The Little Golf. I remember some of the sand falls were active and it was an amazing spectacle, as it is every time I got the chance to see them.

Making the maps for Los Cabos Magazine gave me a lot of insight of our beloved tourist towns. I’m looking forward to update them once again.

Written by Antonio Vargas

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