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Downtown Cabo Street Construction - Par Vial Update

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Downtown Cabo Street Construction Update
Cabo is Back! Come on Down and Join the Fun!

Lazaro Cardenas and Boulevard Marina—the two main thoroughfares in downtown Cabo San Lucas—are finally clear of the construction that has slowed traffic and deterred motorists for more than a year.

Driving into town on Lazaro Cardenas from the Carreterra Transpeninsular is now a breeze: There are three lanes moving in both directions all the way to Plaza Aramburo, at Lazaro Cardenas and Ignacio Zaragoza, as well as new “side-outs” for taxis, buses, and parking. Lazaro Cardenas continues uphill to Avenida Cabo San Lucas, where one can turn left, then after a few blocks go around the roundabout, or “glorieta,” in front of the northwest corner of the Tesoro Los Cabos.

Boulevard Marina in front of  Tesoro Los Cabos Resort
Boulevard Marina facing the Ultrafemme Plaza in downtown Cabo
Lazaro Cardenas facing El Squid Roe and Mandala
Boulevard Marina in front of
Tesoro Los Cabos Resort looking toward El Coral Restaurant
Image DCS_6518 - 07 Nov 09
Boulevard Marina facing the Ultrafemme Plaza and Margaritavilla
in downtown Cabo San Lucas
Image DCS_6529 - 07 Nov 09
Lazaro Cardenas facing El Squid Roe and Mandala Food & Wine Club in downtown Cabo San Lucas
Image DCS_6535 - 07 Nov 09

After the roundabout, one can return along the two-lane Boulevard Marina, which eventually rejoins Lazaro Cardenas heading out of town; or instead of rounding the glorieta at Avenida Cabo San Lucas, one can continue south on Boulevard Marina to its terminus at the harbor entrance.

Minor traffic disruptions will continue for another year or so on the portion of Boulevard Marina south of Avenida Cabo San Lucas; a major cultural center is being constructed on the marina, between the Cabo Dolphin Center and Tesoro. This construction so far has not affected Boulevard Marina traffic in any serious way.

 Lazaro Cardenas and Boulevard Marina facing Hard Rock Café and La Trattoria.
View of Lazaro Cardenas facing Hard Rock Café, La Trattoria, and Liverpool Plaza
API parking lot,  next to Gali Plaza,  Cabo San Lucas Avenue
Intersection of Lazaro Cardenas and Boulevard Marina facing Hard Rock Café and La Trattoria.
Image DCS_6544 - 07 Nov 09
View of Lazaro Cardenas facing Hard Rock Café, La Trattoria, and Liverpool Plaza, from Mandala.
Image DCS_6550 - 07 Nov 09
The API parking lot and Gali Plaza,
on Boulevard Marina, fronting the
Cabo San Lucas Marina
Image DCS_6517 - 07 Nov 09

The planners behind this ambitious improvement project deserve credit for solving a major traffic predicament—how to get large numbers of vehicles in and out of town with only a minimal disruption and amount of congestion. I entered onto the four-lane from the bullring and made it all the way to Miguel Hidalgo without having to stop once. Sidewalks along the route have been replaced—some are more than 10 feet wide. Gone are most of the telephone poles that had impeded pedestrians in the middle of the walkways. Where rough, uneven, and often broken concrete of different levels once dominated, the government, local businesses, and street performers now have wide, level sidewalk space for events and exhibitions. (Outside the reconstructed area, however, narrow, uneven sidewalks do remain.) Note the new streetlight fixtures with their superwide branches, which are perfect for hanging banners; you can expect to see downtown really dressed up for the holidays.

Boulevard Marina facing  Plaza Nautica
In front of the harbor, on Boulevard Marina facing Pink Kitty
Boulevard Marina, facing Margarittavilla in the background
Boulevard Marina facing Plaza Nautica on the right with Giggling Marlin in the far background.
Image DCS_6521 - 07 Nov 09
In front of the harbor, on Boulevard Marina facing Pink Kitty on the left, Burger King & Hard Rock Cafe on right.
Image DCS_6523 - 07 Nov 09
Boulevard Marina, facing Margaritavilla in the background, Pink Kitty on left and the Cabo Marina on the right.
Image DCS_6527 - 07 Nov 09

You will still see some construction crews installing signs, planting palms, and relocating utility lines—but they stay out of the way and do not impede traffic.

With the street project 98 percent complete and fully functioning, a drive through downtown finally reflects the carefree Los Cabos spirit. Venture away from your resort for a joyride here, and you won’t be sorry. Not as you zoom past hot spots like Cabo Wabo or the Hard Rock. Not as you zip into a parking spot before an afternoon of shopping. And definitely not as cruise lazily down the boulevard, hood down, soaking up the sun, and planning your next trip back.

November 8, 2009 by David Mandich

The following is an excerpt from Los Cabos Magazine Issue No. 18, Fall 2008.

Par Vial Integrated Project - Improving Cabo

If you are exploring around downtown Cabo San Lucas, you can’t help but notice the construction that’s going on. You’ll see several traffic personnel and “Par Vial” road signs with alternative route directional arrows. It is all part of a major construction project whose objective is to identify infrastructure conditions and make improvements to the main streets through downtown. Those streets include Lázaro Cárdenas and Marina boulevards, Miguel Hidalgo and Vicente Guerrero streets, and Cabo San Lucas Avenue, among others. Phase-one work commenced in July of last year and is estimated to be under way for approximately nine months. The Par Vial integrated project will be performed in phases so as to minimize disruption of the daily rhythm of residents, tourists, and retailers in the downtown area. Progress continues, and expectations are high that the Par Vial project will resolve several downtown infrastructure problems. Some of this undertaking’s goals are to replace road surfaces and uneven sidewalks; coordinate the traffic light system; improve signage, street layout, and safety; solve traffic congestion issues that occur while loading and unloading of people and goods; install uniform, energy-efficient urban street lighting; reconfigure bus stops, trash collection, and public rest areas; replant green spaces; create boulevards, plazas, and garden areas with an array of beautiful native plants and flowers to gentrify the area’s thoroughfares; and provide a convenient potable water network for confident consumption. Awareness of these detours and patience while navigating them are recommended for your safety and enjoyment of the Cabo San Lucas downtown area during these upgrades. With the growth of our tourist industry, these improvement plans and actions will enhance and reconfirm Cabo San Lucas as a major tourism area and an even more beautiful place to be. www.improvingcabo.com

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