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All Prepaid Vouchers

Cabo San Lucas Prepaid Vouchers Discount Program.

Cabo San Lucas discounts with Los Cabos Prepaid Vouchers. - All Prepaid VouchersAll Prepaid Vouchers – Discounts are available for many businesses in Cabo San Lucas, The Tourist Corridor and San Jose del Cabo. Whether you are vacationing or live in Los Cabos, you can save 35 to 70 percent on selected activities (including golf and sportfishing); restaurants, shopping, health care and dental work; hotels, inns, and resorts; photography services, car rentals, as well as at spas, beauty salons, fitness and wellness centers. Los Cabos Magazine Prepaid Vouchers are available for many businesses in the Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and Tourist Corridor areas of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

HOW IT WORKS: Say, you decide to purchase $600 worth of Prepaid Vouchers. First, select the businesses where you wish to use the discount vouchers. If you choose six different restaurants, maybe you would need an average of $100 worth of vouchers for each restaurant.

We are not able to offer one group of Prepaid Vouchers that are acceptable for all of the participating activities, restaurants and hotels. You save 35 percent of $600, or $210.00 in discounts. You pay only $390 and receive $600 worth of Prepaid Vouchers. Unused vouchers can be returned within 120 days of purchase.

You can also purchase Prepaid Vouchers from our office in Cabo San Lucas when you get to Mexico. Call the office first to ensure someone is there. Our Prepaid Vouchers sell out quickly and may not be available unless purchased or reserved in advance. Click for directions and a map showing the Cabo San Lucas office location. There are only a few rules for redemption. Limitations will apply to groups of more than six (6) persons.

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All Prepaid Vouchers

Limits will apply for the amount of Prepaid Vouchers for each participant.

Important! Prepaid vouchers must be returned for refund or exchange within 120 days of purchase.
Please read our Refund Policy for terms and conditions.



Cabo SailingCabo San Lucas 50%Activities
Camel QuestCabo San Lucas50%Activities
Off Road RunnersCabo San Lucas 35%Activities
Pez Gato / Tropicat / Cabo MarCabo San Lucas 35%Activities
SilveradosCabo San Lucas 50%Activities
Wild CanyonCabo San Lucas 35%Activities
Wild Cabo Tour
Buccaner Queen/Cabo Escape/Cabo Legend
Cabo San Lucas 35%Activities


Madeira BistroCabo San Lucas 35%Restaurants
Santo RestaurantCabo San Lucas35%Restaurants

Restaurants 50%


Activities 50%


<<<< Vouchers with 60% & 70% discount are NOT refundable >>>>

Activities 80%


Restaurants 70%

In the form; the firts option select “Prepaid Vouchers” and put the vouchers in the list with the total price…
Sunset Point – $100 USD
Wild Canyon – $150 USD
Pan Di Bacco – $200 USD

and complete the form with your information.
Clicking with the paypal button and complete the form
1.- In “Description” put all vouchers separate with comas (,)
Sunset Point – $100 USD, Wild Canyon – $150 USD, Pan Di Bacco – $200 USD
2.- In “Price per item” put the total price of all vouchers.Note: you can put vouchers one per one or all in one occasion, you decide how to make your transaction.

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