post-title Destination Baja Sur Press Conference

Destination Baja Sur Press Conference

Press Conference Held at Don Sanchez Restaurant. About 40 dignitaries and members of the local press of Los Cabos attended a breakfast this morning, Monday, June 22, 2015, to hear the progress of the filming of the TV series by Bill Boyce, world famous and award winning TV Host and producer of the TV series Destination Baja Sur. Linda McHatton and Jorge Arteaga of PR Solutions were responsible for the planning of the conference. Solomon’s Landing Restaurant hosted the event.

Those seated at the speaker’s table were Enrique Turkot, President of the Hotel Association of Los Cabos; Daniel Uribe, President of the Public Relations Association of Los Cabos; Maren Figaredo, FITURCA Representative; Iban Unzanga, Director of Municipal Tourism; Bill Boyce. Producer of the TV series Destination Baja Sur; Jesus Corral, President of the Madrugadores Group and Secretary of the Historic Center of San Jose del Cabos, and Brian Solomon of Solomon’s Landing Restaurant and co-producer of the show. The purpose of the conference was to give an update on the progress of the filming. A short film was shown to introduce Bill Boyce and the preliminaries of the show.

destination-baja-sur-san-jose-cabo-1206-2 Boyce is extremely pleased and excited about the first four segments of the filming that started in Turtle Bay and will end in Los Cabos this week. He and his production crew, which he touted as being the top photographers and technical crew, have been hard at work filming segments of their newest television series, Destination Baja Sur. They have completed their preliminary production work in the upper regions of Southern Baja and will be filming in San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas this week. “Of all the shows that I’ve worked with over the past 14 years, this is the most compelling one I’ve ever done,” he told the audience. “It is not a fishing show, but an activity show. It will be entertaining as well as educational, in that, it will depict the culture, lifestyle, food and people of Baja.” He is honored by the support given and feels that this TV series will dispel all the negative reports about Baja. “Baja deserves this moment,” he said.

Having lived in the Baja for many years, he feels that it is such a special place, that “it not only took my heart, it took my soul.” He wants to show Baja to not only his friends as in the past, but to the world. It will go to over 128 million households in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Central America and Africa.

Destination Baja Sur is a 26-week prime time television series to be aired on NBC Sports, the Pursuit Channel, World Fishing Network and Wild TV Africa staring in January, 2016. Sponsorships for the series are still available. For more information, contact Bill Boyce, Executive Producer/Host at  Phone: (661) 202-0080.

For those wanting to “Meet and Greet” Bill Boyce, come to the Fiesta Party at Solomon’s Landing Restaurant on the Cabo San Lucas Marina on Friday, June 26, 2015, 7 – 10 p.m. Call 624-143-3050 for tickets.

By Sandra A. Berry

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