post-title Desert Thrill at Wild Canyon

Desert Thrill at Wild Canyon

Desert Thrill at Wild Canyon

Desert Thrill

Wild Canyon Park
Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur,  Mexico

Desert Thrill – Have you ever seen the desert passing by underneath your body at full speed? Or the thrill of riding an ATV along the longest hanging bridge in the world? What about been suspended 300 feet above the ground on a glass bottom gondola before you make the jump to the emptiness attached to a bungee cord?

There are other exciting adventures waiting for you at the Wild Canyon Park additional to the three mentioned before; for all ages, for all levels of adrenaline.

I have been in the park many times and actually been there since it opened the doors for the first time, it´s been growing since then. Besides the amazing and impressive activities, there is one thing I really like, the opportunity of watching the Baja wilderness and the amazing landscapes. It’s a joy for the children and for the adults is way beyond spectacular.

Photo Provided by Wild Canyon Park

The activities you can find are:

  • Monster Ziplines. An 8 line tour of flying above the desert at full speed.  Wild Canyon has the longest zip lines than any other place in Los Cabos.
  • Offroad Runners ATV´s. Touring the desert trails in full gear. First there is a practice in a circuit, then five areas to visit, ocean view, brook, beach, canyon and mountain.
  • Camel Quest. This is truly an exotic adventure in the middle of the Baja desert. The children really love this tour and the camels are super friendly, definitely a family tour.
  • Wild Riders UTV´s. This is a very similar tour of the ATV´s, the trails and routes are the same, but the vehicle is different. These are two plazas Utility Terrain Vehicles.
  • Bungee Bombers. If you are really into adrenaline, this is definitely your kind of adventure. Here the jump is made from a suspended gondola rather than a bridge or a crane. The landscape when you´re coming down is breathtaking.
  • Sling Swingers. Another adrenaline activity also made from the suspended gondola 300 feet above ground. You can do solo or with a companion.
  • Kingdom Animal Sanctuary.  Wild Canyon has areas adapted for some loving creatures, birds, prairie dogs, macaws and iguanas. You can fed them and pet them. There are also a couple of crocodiles and a Japanese turtles sanctuary.
  • Moon Zipping. This activity takes place once a month during the full moon. The tour gives you the opportunity to experience the desert after dark, the flora, the fauna, and the stars.
  • Canyon Bridge. The longest wooden pedestrian and ATV hanging bridge in the world! Truly, a unique experience; the bridge is 1,082 feet long and it stands at 164 feet above ground in its lowest point.
  • Pursuit of Cortez. This tour is taken in Puerto Los Cabos marina. Is a sailing trip to the Palmilla cove. Snorkeling, stand up paddle board, sunset cruise and in the right season whale watching.


The park offers three different tours. 9 am, 12 noon and, 3 pm. All the info you require you can find it either at their website,, facebook/wildcanyon, or make reservations from 7 am to 9 pm at their phone lines: (624) 144 44 33, 144 44 38, 144 44 39 and 144 44 47. The park opens from 9 am to 6 pm.

Written By Antonio Vargas

Wild Canyon Adventures
Phone: (624) 144 4433 | 144 44 38 | 144 44 39 |  144 44 47
Open: 9 am, 12 noon and, 3 pm | Park: 9 am to 6 pm

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