post-title Coronavirus, COVID-19 – What’s going on?

Coronavirus, COVID-19 – What’s going on?

Coronavirus, COVID-19 – What’s going on?

Coronavirus, COVID-19, what’s going on?

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.

Follow-up March 19th, 2020 – This will also happen, more than true is that we are experiencing a very serious global crisis due to the pandemic that has unleashed the number of cases of Coronavirus COVID-19. We are all concerned about a possible impending recession. Here is a brief follow-up of what has been announced.

LCoronavirus, What's going on?ocally, the General Directorate for Economic Development and Tourism of Los Cabos, Civil Protection, the Director of Income, Municipal Health, CANACO, CANIRAC, Hotel Association, and Health Association, confirm that there is no registered case of Coronavirus COVID-19 in our community. They declare that all hygiene and health safety measures will be taken for establishments and businesses in our area, which will continue to operate with certain restrictions. In a matter of closing hours, restaurants will be open until midnight and bars open until 2 am.

Countries that for the moment have closed all or part of their borders, topping the list, The European Union, where some countries like Spain have also closed their land borders, Germany imposed more inquisitive border controls at certain points, Russia will close its borders in the next days to foreign visitors. In the American continent the United States has not closed its borders, however it has suspended all international flights from countries affected by the Coronavirus, Canada will close its borders to foreigners and permanent non-residents, with its neighboring United States maintaining an open border due to the strong level of integration of the two economies; Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Chile, El Salvador and Honduras have closed borders.

Coronavirus, What's going on?

At the national level, López Obrador announced that the Mexican Federal Government will implement in the next few days if necessary, the DN3 Plan, which is to deploy all the knowledge of military doctors, along with their team of nurses in the areas where they will face the emergencies, the army will be left with the experience to handle the most serious cases. They are trained to deal with difficult situations, where they can with their supplies, equipment, etc. Attend any eventuality, this for health purposes, not authoritarianism, not discrimination, not classism. He thinks that Mexico does not need curfews, He does not believe in an army that will take over the country, he asks the people to stay in their homes, there is no force. “All of this is being conducted responsibly,” he concluded at one point.

By Antonio Vargas
Photos: Milenio Noticias

Gobierno de Baja Calofirnia Sur website:
World Health Organization:

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