post-title Collective Exhibition at Tendencia Avenue by Yandi Monardo

Collective Exhibition at Tendencia Avenue by Yandi Monardo

Collective Exhibition at Tendencia Avenue by Yandi Monardo

Luxury Avenue, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

The art gallery Yandi Monardo adorned Tendencia Avenue by presenting the collective exhibition of the artists Paco Serrano, Anette Paredes, Gloria Santoyo, Michael Cope, Laura Coppel, Jesus Flores and Erick Ochoa. Seven artists with seven different visual proposals. We could appreciate from figurative art to the colors of abstract forms.

Laura Coppel told us how happy she was to exhibit at her home, Cabo San Lucas, together with talented artists; of his work “Animalia” spoke of the strength that animals represent and the joy of colors.

Jesús Flores thanked the rest of the artists and Yandi Monardo for promoting these types of events that raise the cultural value of the area, actions such as this, make art something important, transcendent and indispensable. Of his work he said that his is an exercise in drawing, which he began to trace from high school and then he dedicated himself to the public function, but he never stopped drawing, especially in napkins, he says there should not be a place in Los Cabos or La Paz where you have not left a napkin drawn. Following a cancer problem with the family, he made his work more cosmic.

Anette Paredes, told us how much she enjoyed the experience, because being here exposing together, makes them learn and share from others. Since everyone has different means of work and inspiration, the working methods are different and here they learn from each other. She brings an abstract work based on the waves.

Michael Cope, said he was astonished to participate, that he loves the Baja and its landscapes. Originally a portraitist, he now is dedicated to painting clouds in large format; that people have ask him to paint clouds, but that the artist’s challenge is to continue in the search and always be innovating.

Erick Ochoa speaks about his work as the way to interpret the privileged place where he lives, the walks in the afternoons, the starry nights. A small oasis, but it is also an excuse to know yourself.

Gloria Santoyo in her work Círculos Cerrados, works with series, because they are usually questions of something that she is interested in knowing. It is an exploration of making several paintings on the same subject until you reach an answer. She works with wax, which gives her the opportunity to work with layers and those layers are forming the story of the painting.

Paco Serrano works with colors in a very balanced way in abstractions that give the imagination a the ability to soar.

The event at Luxury Avenue was very pleasant and had a large number of visitors.

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