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Black Pottery
The artisan work you are about to discover and enjoy comes from a Combination of designs carried throughout time and experience.

This wonderful world of arts and crafting in detailing, in the designs are the work of the proudly with their magic fingers that are welcoming you into the world of fine, exquisite Black Pottery pieces; So, please come and enjoy the highly refined work in the world of Mexican Artisan work.

Casa Maria, Cabo San Lucas, the store in CSL, provides the best selection of fabulous Arts and Crafts items.
Black Pottery is crafted by the magic fingers of the women's artisans in the small village no too far from Oaxaca, City. Fifteen miles south of the main city, that is unique place were this items are made using totally natural clay come from the same area. So, the mystical, magic and identity of the artisans is expressed through in endless number of forms and exquisite designs.

This artistic process has been done from the ancestor's times for many years and it's related with ethnic culture from the state of Oaxaca, dated from prehispanic era. Here, at Casa Maria Cabo San Lucas, you will find the most dazzling collection of quality items in Los Cabos. Shopping and Handling available.






Rugs and Tapestries are made in wooden looms, and has been done from long time ago by the masters fingers of the Zapotec weavers in a pintorestic village located outside of Oaxaca. Twenty minutes driving to southeastern from the capital of the state of Oaxaca. They use wool as a main material which takes long time for prepare them as carding it sppining it plus paint them, same times with vegetable or quimical colors. to elaborate the designs they create traditional or contemporary figures. Casa Maria, Cabo San Lucas, carries ample selection and also make custom orders. Packing and shipping service available.


Casa Maria  Cabo San Lucas
, have a large colection of mirrors. They are made totally by hand in various styles, designs  and sizes. This items are made in different places of the central  of the country of Mexico, as Guadalajara area, state of Guanajuato, Mexico, city and Oaxaca, city.This georges  and artistic pieces it¨s created by Master Mexican Crafstman, The use hammer carving them and there main material it[s tin in traditional colors as dark or silver in the frames, also they introduce small pieces of talavera tile in enormous different design and colors. Casa Maria, also filled with a large selection of other products. Home delivery available.



Casa Maria Cabo - Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico

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