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Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

It is a small town located north of the municipality of Los Cabos, approximately 15 minutes from the International Airport of San José del Cabo, the meaning of Caduaño is “Cañada Verde”. It has practically all the urban services, there is a Police subcommand, a small Catholic Church, Garbage collection, Public square, Kindergarten, Elementary school, does not have secondary, reason why the adolescents have to go to Miraflores to study The secondary. Caduaño is a picturesque little town belonging to the Municipality of Los Cabos, if you are passing the rainy season you will be able to visit the three eyes of water that are in this little Pueblito.

The climate is excellent and allows its habitants to dedicate themselves to the agricultural sector, some have small plots, livestock and fruit orchards. The flora of the place is composed of: Mesquites, Palo Chino, Palo Colorado, Palo Verde, fruit trees of mangoes, plums, pomegranates, Zapotes and Palm trees. The Fauna is made up of stone iguanas, squirrels, cachorones, pigeons and chacuacas. The habitants know each other as it is a very small town. Caduaño is a very quiet and friendly town. Their families usually meet in some houses to enjoy the traditional roast beef, handmade meal tortillas, beer and listen to Norteña music. If you come to visit Caduaño we recommend you visit its water park called Wild, Wet Fun Aquatic Park. It is ideal to go with the family – there are more than 6 pools, with slides, palapas and green areas.

Caduaño is a tiny town located about 25 miles from San José del Cabo. You will reach a row of rustic houses situated around a small plaza. This will be followed by an abandoned sugar mill that hasn’t been operational since the previous century, when the village was a prosperous sugar cane producing community.  As you continue driving through the network of dirt roads and paths, followed by vast vegetable plots and colorful fruit orchards, you will notice numerous cattle and sheep ranches. Caduaño is renowned for its delicious traditional homemade fruit candies.  There is now a water park, Parque Acuatico – Wild Wet Fun Aquatic (water) Park.

About 13.5 miles past Los Cabos International Airport, approximately Km 65, turn west at the bridge (Puente Caduaño) and proceed about 1 mile into this town. Caduaño is located in the municipality of Los Cabos (in the State of Baja California Sur). It is 200 meters above sea level.


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