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Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.

Live the best Cabo adventure flying in our powered hang glider. Cabo Sky Tours offers you the best sky ride ever! We have a tour to meet everybody’s taste. Very smooth or extreme, it is your choice!  Ernesto Magaña has 29 years of flying experience and more than 7,800 hours of flight time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if the engine shuts down during the flight?
Nothing; The ultralight plane can glide and land with the engine turned off. Can two adults fly together if their weight is under 250 pounds? No, the plane just fits one person and a child, or two children together.

Do I need any flying experience?
No, you don’t. You will be the passenger and our licensed pilot will be in charge. You can just sit back and enjoy!

Is there a minimum age for flying?
Yes, the minimum age is 5 years old. Our oldest passenger was 87 years old!

Tour prices range from $60 to $65 USD for 10 to 12 minute tours.
Longer tours range from $95.00 to $435.00 USD.

We offer a range of tours and services to choose from. They are all designed to meet everybody’s taste. Use the detailed descriptions to find your favorite!

Land’s End Sky Tour
10 to 12 minutes tour.  Passenger (up to 200 pounds)
Passenger (200-250 pounds) or Passenger & 1 child (up to 250 pounds)

After take-off, the passenger will admire the astonishing view of Cabo San Luca’s bay. We will start with the coast line of Mar de Cortés, enjoying the view of the hotels and their swimming pools, the big yachts at the Cabo San Lucas Marina, the dolphins at dolphinarium, the city center and Puerto Paraíso Mall. After, we will cross toward the Pacific Ocean, and from there we will see the residential area Pedregal and its great mansions. Then we will fly right above the rocky formations called “The end of the earth,” where the two oceans meet. From there we will admire “Divorce Beach”, “The Pirate’s Cave”, “Lover’s Beach” and the famous “Arch” with its sea lions y seals lying upon it. During the trip there’s the chance of discovering turtles, manta rays, sea lions, fish banks, dolphins and, in the winter time, whales.

Sand Dunes Sky Tour: Smooth or Extreme
25 to 30 minutes tour. Prices vary by weight.

It includes the Land’s End Sky Tour. Then, we will fly above the line of the Pacific Coast to continue toward the new hotel area. We will see the new and the old lighthouse. Right after we will go to the area of the spectacular sand dunes where Brad Pitt’s movie, “Troy,” was filmed. The view from here it’s comparable to the Sahara Desert! In between the sand dunes and the ocean it is located the newest golf course the Diamante.  The passengers choose their preferred type of flying above the sand dunes.

Smooth: We fly on a straight line above the dunes, calmly admiring their beauty.

Extreme: We fly one meter above the dunes, following their shape closely, from the highest dune down to the ocean level. For adrenaline lovers, this makes the best part of the trip.

Diamonds of Los Cabos Sky Tour:
45 to 50 minutes tour. Prices vary by weight of the passenger.
We will visit: 1. The Arch. 2. The Dunes 3. Santa Maria Bay 4. Chileno Beach

It includes packages Land’s end sky tour and Sand dunes sky tour. After, we will fly above the Mar de Cortés, the touristic corridor, where we will admire the Hotel zone of Punta Ballena and the Faro. We will see the famous golf course Cabo del Sol, “Santa Maria Beach,” and “Rock Island.” Then we will continue toward “Chileno Beach,” the golf course of Chileno Bay and from there we will admire the Cañon del Tule.

Kings Sky Tour
1 hour to 1 hour 10 minutes tour. Prices vary by weight of the passenger.
This tour includes the Land’s end sky tour and Diamonds of Los Cabos Sky Tour. After we will continue through the touristic corridor until we find the famous beach at Hotel “Meliá Cabo Real.” We’ll fly in front of the Golf Club El Dorado and the original construction of the hotel “Westin Regina.” After we will fly over Punta Palmilla, its golf club and it beaches. We will also see the golf club of FONATUR, the hotel area of San José del Cabo, the beautiful Estero and the modern marina of Puerto los Cabos.

You will fly with our expert, licensed pilot Ernesto Magaña, who has more than 7,800 hours of flight time! Ernesto ensures you will enjoy a safe, fun and exciting flight. Ernesto Magaña has 29 years of flying experience and more than 7,800 hours of flight time. He was the first pilot to receive an Ultralight Airplane Pilot’s License (No. 130-MEX-001) from the DGAC in Mexico.

He has covered more than 650 Hang Glider flights from mountain slopes, 130 ultralight aero towed hang glider flights, more than 1,200 boat towed, 450 hp fast speed boat towed hang glider flights with and without a passenger. Ample experience on slow-wing powered hang glider (26-55 mph) and fast wing powered hang glider (30-80 mph) flights.

The Ultralight Glider
Cabo Sky Tours uses Cosmos-La Mouette, winner of multiple Hang Glider and Airplane International Competitions, manufactured in France with the safest and most resistant materials in the world. The pilot ensures that the Ultralight Plane is in perfect condition before each flight.

Do you have any questions or do you wish to book a flight with us? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Cabo Sky Tours

Address Camino viejo a San Jose, El Medano Ejidal
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Office: (624) 144-1294

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