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Cabo Submarine by Cabo Expeditions

A window to paradise for the whole family, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, BCS

Cabo Submarine A window to paradise for the whole family

Do not get wet on an underwater adventure? No need for a swimsuit enjoys front row at a glance at the marine life of the Sea of Cortez, “The Aquarium of the World” aboard Cabo Submarine. It is an aquatic activity in the famous Land’s End area; you do not need to snorkel or swim.

“Semi-submersible” means that the boat does not completely submerge you, leaving the upper part of the boat on the surface. You will be able to observe the dramatic rock formations of the end of the earth from the surface. Then descend eleven steps, look out the windows and immerse yourself in the beauty of the schools of fish swimming around the submarine. Enrich your knowledge with the interesting information that our Marine Biologist will share about the marine life of Baja California Sur.

Cabo Expeditions has added this excursion to the list of activities for children in Los Cabos. From babies to grandparents, it is a super easy activity to do that can be enjoyed with family.

Pass and explore the seabed known as “The Land`s End” and the number one dive site “Pelican Rock” WITHOUT WET! And from the comfort of Cabo Submarine, contemplate the wonders of one of the largest marine ecosystems in the world.
No one should miss the beautiful underwater scenery of Cabo and Cabo Submarine makes this easy and fun for everyone. When it comes to things to do in Cabo, our comfortable and spacious boat equipped with air conditioning make it the best of activities for the whole family.

Cabo Submarine A window to paradise for the whole familyThis yellow boat is a “semi-submersible” will never be completely underwater. At any moment you can return to the surface to marvel at the beauty of the beaches but you will also fascinate with the stage to 2.5 meters under the sea.
From babies to grandparents, the whole family can enjoy a close and personalized way of the riches of tropical marine life in Cabo. The Sea of Cortez is famous for its great biodiversity. Hundreds of species thrive here, some cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. With Cabo Submarine everyone can experience this underwater adventure.
No doubt snorkeling, kayaking and snorkeling are very popular and popular activities in Cabo. But … Why can only divers have fun? This excursion for children makes it easy for everyone. Our Cabo Expeditions guide will take you by the hand and show you the life of the seabed.

Stay dry in an underwater adventure in Cabo? Keep your clothes on for a front-seat view of the marine life of Sea of Cortez—”the world’s aquarium—in Cabo Submarine. No need to dive, swim or snorkel for your Los Cabos water activities at beautiful Land’s End.

“Semi-submersible” means the top deck stays above the surface. You can view the dramatic rocky landscape of Land’s End from topside. Then go below to gaze through windows into the drama of fish swimming and schooling around the submarine.

Enhance your knowledge as our marine biologist guide shares interesting tidbits about Baja California’s marine life and natural history during the tour.
Cabo Expeditions adds this excursion for kids to things to do in Cabo. From baby to grandma, family activities in Los Cabos don’t get any easier than Cabo Submarine.

Recommendations and restrictions:
Bring sunscreen, hat, camera and light jacket in winter. It is important to go down steps to get to the cabin. Not recommended for people who suffer from claustrophobia or seasick easily.

Price: USD 40 Adult 15 USD Child (3 to 10 years)
Departures: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Monday to Saturday
Duration tour: 75 min Approx
Transportation: 5 USD CSL / 10 USD SJC

Cabo Submarine by Cabo Expeditions

Snuba Cabo Expeditions

Address: Blvd. Marina S/N, Plaza de la Danza Local 6
Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico 23450

Phone From USA and Canada: 619-752-2294
Phone From Mexico: + 52-624-143-2700



Cabo Submarine by Cabo Expeditions, Cabo San Lucas – 01 June 2021 – JAT

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