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In Japan we celebrate children’s day in two different days.

One is in March 3rd, which is the day of girl’s festival called HINAMATSURI.

And May 5th is the day of boy’s festival called KODOMONO JI.

Around a month before girl’s festival we decorate the house with dolls called HINA dolls. It is a Japanese custom to wish a good health and happiness of the daughter of the family.

The history of HINAMTSURI began aroung the Heian period ( approx. 1,000 years ago), the dolls were made of paper and flowed in to the river and ocean to take the bad spirits and illness of the girls.

Recent years instead of letting the dolls in to the river, it is set and adorn in the house around Mid- February to March 3rd.

In some places hanging hina is also adorn with the hina dolls.

It was originated in a town called Izuinatori in Shizuoka Prefecture.

It is an ornament made by hand with kimono cloth by mother or grandmother which started in the Edo period, 150 years ago.

Each hanging ornament has a meaning with a special wish for their daughter to grow up healthy, wealthy and full of happiness.

For example, the food, candy and fruits mean to be able to eat her whole life without any problems, the coat is to not suffer from cold and not get sick, the cushion is to be able to sit sooner in the Japanese style, the Japanese sandals is to be able to walk sooner, the turtle is for a long life, and the flowers is to grow sweet as the pretty flower.

On March 3rd we cook special meals like “ chirashi zushi “ which is a scattered sushi with raw fish , egg, vinegar vegetables, and various other ingredients.

Also “ jishimochi “ which is a three color( green , white and pink ) rice cake. The green meaning good health, the white pure or clean, and pink to protect one from evil.

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