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Biological Center

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Only those who suffer can estimate the real improvement

The Center of Biological Medicine offers you an Option where you can improve your quality of life, liberating you of the pain and the intensive consumption of your degenerative process; it offers To You the maximum possible well-being without dependence to medicines that alone you cause collateral effects.

  • You have a history of cancer in your family and want to know how you can prevent yourself or other family members from developing cancer.
  • You’ve chosen to do chemotherapy and/or radiation and want to use adjunctive tools (such as nutrition, diet, etc) to support your immune system during treatment.
  • A conventional doctor with no chance of recovery using conventional methods has given you a terminal diagnosis.
  • You’ve just received a cancer diagnosis and want to know what your options are.

Our Scientific Bases

Fifty years have gone by since the world health organization (who) offered "health for everyone by the year 2000" and this has been a complete failure. For this reason, it is necessary to look for medical alternatives which understand and are capable of stopping human pathology. The wireless transmission of energy is accepted as a daily event; the energetic and vibrational resonance between a transmitter and a receiver, which are in resonance, is also accepted.

A relativity and quantum theory is accepted, but it has not yet been accepted that there exists a vibrational resonance between two organs with opposite polarities: "theory of the biomagnetic pair"

In 1988 i had the opportunity of getting to know the concept of biomagnetism as a physical procedure capable of detecting, in a qualitative and indirect way, through the use of natural magnets of medium intensity, fundamental alterations in the ph+ (hydrogen potential) of internal organs in the human body.

The biomagnetic pair has three well-defined elements:

* acid (+) ph
* alkaline (-) ph
* nel - normal energetic level = health

Using these criteria, depolarization of organs with alterations was achieved since 1988, matching bioenergetic charges against each other, through the use of natural magnets over 1,000 gauss. The best results are obtained with magnets between 5,000 and 20,000 gauss.

Theoretically, the charges of the biomagnetic pair have the same intensity, the same number of elementary particles and the same bioenergetic frequency, so that, when matched one against the other-due to the effects of magnetic induction-their respective potentials are nullified and, at that moment, virus lose their genetic information and bacteria lose their pathogenic capacity. This phenomenon allows us to identify the different syndromes through their etiologic components, whether viral, bacterial, mycotic, parasitic, dysfunctional, toxic or genetic, and to effect a cure in the majority of cases.

To date, and over a period of twelve years, approximately 80,000 patients have been studied, diagnosed and treated with this procedure. The following very important conclusions were reached: up to 98% of patients treated, bearing all types of pathologies, have substantially improved, or have been cured, with a single biomagnetism session.

All pathogenous phenomena are supported by fundamental distortions of the ph (hydrogen potential)  and the reestablishment of the organic entropy leads to a cure and restoration of health. Dr. Isaac goiz durán
medical biomagnetism performs this at the very root of illnesses.

Biological Center - San Jose del Cabo
Biological Center - Baja California Sur


· To eradicate the diseases that have labelled like incurable (degenerative Chronicles) taking the patients to the maximum reestablishment and rehabilitation that, out of our protocol, no therapeutic conventional systemit has achieved.


· That the treatment (healing) realizes for the route short, rapid, innocuous, lasting and less harmful. Preserving and respecting at all time the biology and dignity of the human being, up to coming to the
full health.

Therapeutic resources

·Vibracional Medicine (The Biomagnetic Pair) · Biological Medicine · Medicine Ortomolecular · Cellular Nutrition · Electronic Homeopathy · Nutrition and Detoxification · Enzimoterapia · Neural Therapy · Electro acupuncture · Diathermia · Frecuancial Therapy. Between Others 

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