post-title The Best of Two Worlds: Vacation Rentals in Palmilla Dunes

The Best of Two Worlds: Vacation Rentals in Palmilla Dunes

The Best of Two Worlds: Vacation Rentals in Palmilla Dunes

The Best of Two Worlds: Vacation Rentals in Palmilla Dunes

San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Bubbly Staci and laid-back Steve Blyth are preparing for the future. Having purchased a beautiful three-bedroom, two-bath, 2,700 square foot condo in Palmilla Dunes, they are reaping the benefits of short-term rental for vacationers while utilizing the condo when not rented, knowing they have made a good investment for their future retirement. They call their new home Casa Cobra in Palmilla Dunes.  Welcome to Vacation Rentals in Palmilla Dunes.

The couple hails from San Clemente in Southern California, just a short flight when busy work schedules allow. Staci has been in the real estate field many years and knows what to ask when looking to purchase and also how to qualify potential renters.

When asked what brought them to Los Cabos, Staci immediately states, “The weather…and the food! We knew we wanted to retire in Los Cabos, having visited the area over the past several years. We’ve also been intrigued with the Palmilla area, loving the close proximity to a swimmable beach, the 20-minute drive from the airport, and most importantly, the amenities of Palmilla Dunes.”

palmilla-dunes-roof-for-party-2Now that they’ve made the investment, do they feel they made the right decision? “Definitely yes,” is the response from Staci. “We love the central location, the quality construction, and we believe in Mario Fernandez, the developer. We feel he is the heart of the project. He is a perfectionist with an eye to detail. I love the trees, the beautiful pool area with lounge chairs and the onyx bar. It’s a beautiful community.”

Both are golfers, and that was a big plus. With four children, when not rented they enjoy family time in the condo. “The boys love the tide pools at the beach,” Staci points out, “and being able to sleep on the rooftop deck around the fire-pit, and the six restaurants within walking distance. What’s not to like?”

The couple knows how to attract renters: Most come from California and Texas and learn about the property primarily through social media. The amenities for their rental unit include a concierge with an independent professional destination service who greets the guests at the door and explains the various electrical gadgets for the six TVs and other need-to-know information. Maid service is provided before and after the renters’ visit, and a private chef is available, at the renters’ expense.

Palmilla Dunes
Residences  • Private Club • Shops

Carretera Transpeninsular Km. 27.5,
Fraccionamiento Palmilla
San José Del Cabo BCS, C.P. 23400
Contact: Patty Soto
Email: Patty.Soto@Palmilladunes.Com
Cell: +52 1 (624) 159-5983

The Best of Two Worlds: Vacation Rentals in Palmilla Dunes, by Sandra Berry – 06 May 2019 – jat

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