post-title Best Breakfast Restaurants in Cabo

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Cabo

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Cabo

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Cabo

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.

After they invented Granola cereal and Cornflakes in 1863 and 1896, James Caleb Jackson and Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, proclaimed, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Of course, besides pushing a healthy start of the day agenda, Dr. Kellog had a product to sell. And sell he did. Cereal, despite slipping in popularity from its 1990’s peak, still raked in about $10 billion in sales through 2013, reported the New York Times.

For that great start of the day breakfast in Cabo, Mama’s Royal Cafe, located on Miguel Hidalgo Street’s restaurant row in downtown San Lucas, is an ideal place for that morning meal. Mama’s Royal Cafe serves such delicious American and Mexican classics that include French toast, eggs Benedict, huevos (eggs) rancheros, eggs with chorizo, chicken chilaquiles, vegetarian chilaquiles, smoked pork chops and eggs, as well as hallondaise crepes Florentine.

Located directly across the street, Los Barriles, prepares a great breakfast themselves, highlighted by their Los Barriles chilaquiles and eggs Florentine, served with fresh squeezed orange juice, Mexican canela coffee, and/or mimosas. Their flank steak and eggs for breakfast with tortillas, and habanero sauce is also highly recommended.

Viva Restaurant - Country Club Golf Course Cabo San Lucas

Viva Restaurant

Located near the Delegacion Sports Complex and the start of Highway 19 towards Todos Santos, Campestre Restaurant, is a locally famous Mexican dining establishment that is best known for serving huge portions at a rather affordably priced cost. While the Ribeye steak dish is a delicious menu item that can be shared by two people, it is their breakfast plates that are the most popular. Mexican combinations dishes include rice, beans, salad, guacamole, chile relleno, quesadillas, and an enchilada.

The Cabo San Lucas Country Club golf course on site Viva Restaurant, is a nice, outdoor patio setting area where golf enthusiast guests can settle down, and enjoy a hearty breakfast. The menu is affordably priced and the entire staff is an incredibly, ”work to make everyone happy” group of waiters, waitresses, bartender and hostess, that attend to everyone’s need with incredible hustle, and smile.

The open to the public, Estrella Restaurant at the Sirena Del Mar Welk Resort, offers an amazing breakfast buffet that includes steak and eggs, pineapple upside down waffles, pastry basket, breakfast tacos, chilaquiles and more; as well as an omelet and crepe station. For dessert, the Churro’s are fabulous and the breathtaking ocean view is also spectacular.

At Casasola Café & Brunch guests can start the day with a rich breakfast of French toast, scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon and fruit, and/or any of the other following options that consist of eggs Florentine served on baguette bread, accompanied by roasted tomatoes, arugula and organic spinach, dressed with a blue cheese sauce, and eggs brushetta on a spring salad of lettuce, spinach with sliced avocado, cherry tomato and slice of rustic farmer bread. Other tasty items from their healthy menu include eggs benedict, poached eggs with smoked salmon and chives, mounted on baguette bread topped with hollandaise sauce. Omelette and Huevos Rancheros are also available with every meal accompanied by early morning drink choices of lattes, Frappes, capuchino, espresso, hot chocolate and smoothies.


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