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Beaches along the Tourist Corridor

Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.

The Tourist Corridor Beaches are located on the Sea of Cortés between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Here you will find your choice of beaches including Playa Santa Maria, Chileno, El Tule, Monuments Beach, Playa Las Viudas, formerly known asTwin Dolphin Beach, Costa Azul, Palmilla, Playa Acapulquito, Playa Bledito, Bledito, Playa Cabo Real and more.

Monuments Beach

monuments-beach-cabo-2016-3452-r2Monuments Beach is a small beach popular with the surfing set and has the closest surf to Cabo San Lucas, just a few miles out of town. It can best be seen from poolside at Sunset da Mona Lisa Restaurant, or Sunset Point at Misiones del Cabo as sunset approaches. Turn off the main road at the entrance to Misiones del Cabo, just before the main entrance you need to park and walk down to the beach.

beach-cabeza-ballena-cabo-2137-r2Playa Cabeza de Ballena (Whales Head Beach)

Km 8 near the lighthouse. This beach offers good swimming, snorkeling and a sandy beach for relaxing in the sun.

Playa Barco Varado (Shipwreck Beach)

Playa Barco Varado Cabo

The rusty wreckage of a Japanese freighter has been removed many years ago. This is still a popular beach area. Although the wreck is gone this section of beach is a spectacular backdrop for the “Ocean” finishing holes at the Jack Nicklaus Cabo del Sol course.The Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar Hotel now fronts this historic beach. The beach access is through the Cabo del Sol entrance at Km. 11; follow the signs to Sheraton Hacienda del Mar. Turn toward the ocean on the first road past the resort.

Playa Las Viudas (Widow’s Beach) Twin Dolphin Beach

Playa Las Viudas is now called Twin Dolphin Beach and is located just southwest of the Hotel Twin Dolphin. This picturesque beach is a quiet spot to relax and have a picnic. Turn off the main highway at Km. 12 at the beach access (Acceso a la Playa) sign and proceed 0.4 miles down a very rough road to a quiet section of beach. There are several secluded spots in this area as you continue west along the beach toward the Cabo del Sol Golf Course and development.

Playa Santa Maria (Santa Maria Beach)

santa-maria-beach-cabo-18mar16-4069-2Further along the highway at Km. 12 is yet another must see beach at Bahía Santa María next to the exclusive Hotel Twin Dolphin. Look for the beach access sign and follow the dirt road to the parking area. It is a short walk to this beautiful protected cove. As you gaze out to the azure sea you will see the peaceful horseshoe shaped beach with sand the color and consistency of pink rice. Relatively secluded, Bahía Santa María is a protected marine sanctuary, so bring along a bag of bread or tortillas and feed the multi-colored creatures of the deep. This is an excellent spot for snorkeling or just relaxing on the beach.

Playa Bahia Chileno (Chileno Beach)

chileno-beach-playa-2016-jat-4183-2Chileno Bay, next to the Hotel Cabo San Lucas, is yet another breath-taking bay known for its diving and snorkeling. Look for the sign at the edge of the highway at approximately Km. 15, which marks the parking entrance. An equipment rental Palapa (a palm leaf covered hut) is located on the beach’s western end near the water.

Playa El Tule

Playa el Tule Beach Cabo San Lucas, 2016Playa El Tule, a secluded sandy stretch of beach, is a good surf spot at times. There are scattered boulders in the surf and driftwood can be found up on the beach. Access is at Km. 16.2 at the Los Tules bridge (Puente Los Tules). A four wheel drive vehicle is needed to get across the sometimes soft sand of the arroyo.

Playa Bledito (Tequila Cove)

Playa Bledito is just west of the protected cove of Playa Cabo Real. Playa Bledito, in front of the Melía Cabo Real and the Hilton Los Cabos, is a safe swimming beach created by a man-made breakwater. The easiest access is also through Hotel Melía Cabo Real at Km 19.5.

Playa Cabo Real

The beach known as Buenos Aires that runs to the Melía Cabo Real Beach and Golf Resort at Kilometer 19.5, is largely deserted and is thereby a natural alternative for seekers of quiet solitude. Playa Bledito, in front of the Melía Cabo Real and the Hilton Los Cabos, is a safe swimming beach created by a man-made breakwater. Next to the Hilton is La Concha, a first class beach club, with a restaurant, swimming pool, tide pools, showers, restrooms and equipment rentals. Turn left once inside the Melía Cabo Real driveway entrance to get to the parking lot that runs along the east side of the Hilton Los Cabos. lcm_8.

Playa La Concha (The Shell Beach)

Note: As of April 2004, this beach club has been closed to the public.
Old description. Small rocky cove with nice beach, palapa, swimming pool, tide pools, showers and restaurant and bar. Turn into the entrance to Melía Cabo Real Hotel, then turn left and follow the paved road to the end. The beach club is to your right, down the hill.

Playa Buenos Aires (Good Air Beach)

Not a swimming beach, the lengthy Buenos Aires Beach stretches for mile upon beautiful mile, ending at the rapidly growing Cabo Real Resort. No sign marks the location, but if you would like a beach all to yourself or watching whales cavorting in the months of January to March, visit the deserted Buenos Aires shoreline. Exit Highway 1 at Km. 22 or 24 and follow the old Highway. Look for a dirt road in an arroyo. A four wheel drive vehicle is necessary for access to most of this beach. Update 2017: with all the new construction, access to the beach may be restricted.

Westin Beach

Westin Beach Cabo San Lucas Tourist CorridorGo down the driveway to the Westin Regina Resort Los Cabos and take a right on the dirt road down (taxis park in this area) to the beach. Follow the road as far as you can, then back up just a little. You should see a very overgrown road on the right. Put it in 4 wheel drive and go through the brush. You’ll quickly come out on a very hard sandstone. Go slow and traverse the sandstone a hundred yards or so traversing west and heading down to the beach, you will not get stuck, and the reward is great. Update: this information is out of date due to new construction. The last time I tried to visit the access to the beach was closed.

Playa Palmilla (Palmilla Beach)

Palmilla Beach or Playa Palmilla in San Jose del Cabo, Los CabosUpon Punta Palmilla rests the luxurious Hotel Palmilla with its striking beaches. Inside the tranquil bay the beach along this protected cove is perfect for improving your tan, snorkelling, watching the pelicans perform their aerobatics, or catching up on that long unread novel. Snorkelling and diving equipment can be rented at the dive shop, located just before the hotel grounds. Limited parking is available. Palmilla Beach is a Blue Flag Beach.  Follow the signs to Hotel Palmilla at Km. 27. The entrance to the beach is well marked.

Playa Acapulquito

Old Mans Beach Acapulquito CaboLocated in a beautiful ocean cove known as Playa Acapulquito, or Old Man’s Beach, a surfer’s paradise and host to many surfing competitions, the privileged beach offers long rides and is ideal for long-boarders. Access is just off the new four lane highway at Km. 28. Swimming is possible, but watch for surfers.

Playa Costa Azul (Blue Coast Beach)

Costa Azul BeachAs we continue southwest down the coast we come to Costa Azul and Bahía Palmilla. In this half mile stretch before Palmilla Bay is the world famous surf break called Costa Azul. Exit the highway at Km. 28.5, right at the bridge, and proceed to the beach. There’s a surf camp, rental cabañas, beach restaurant, convenience store and services.

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