Balboa Hospital and Walk-In Clinic, Cabo San Lucas

Balboa Hospital and Walk-in Clinic
Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico

911 Lazaro Cádenas Av. Cabo San Lucas Baja California Sur In Front of Coromuel Apartments
Right at San Lucas Main Street 7 Main Entrance

Emergency Phone: (624) 14-35-911 pick-up Service (624) 14-35-900


High Class Service - Your Health Is In The Best Possible Hands!!
Experienced Bilingual Physicians - Hotel and House Call Available USA and Canadian Insurance and Credit Cards Honored.(Some restrictions may apply)CABO FIRST RESPONSE - AIR and LAND AMBULANCE Rescue Critical Care and Worldwide Evacuation.

-Tourist Medical Assist Co. proudly operates Balboa Hospital & Walk-In Clinic and measures up exceptionally well to the highest U.S. and Canada standards of care. And at Balboa, we follow the same high standards of medical care as hospitals do in the U.S. and CANADA
From our weekly staff meeting to our continuous quality improvement program, we embrace these proven medical methodologies in everything we do. Our physicians and specialist staff have been selected by our medical board and they have the highest medical training available with excellent credentials and the longest proven experience in their fields.Our physicians and nurses have continuous medical education. In fact, at Balboa Hospital and Walk-In Clinic, we also help to train other physicians.


Balboa Hospital - First Response ambulance   Medical Assistance   Balboa Hospital and Walk-In Clinic
We teach courses for emergency medical service professionals as well. Our paramedics staff teaches other tourism enterprise employees how to identify emergency situations and how to assist tour visitors. Finally, we monitor patient satisfaction surveys, and our staff has many thank-you letters from patients that were successfully treated at Balboa Hospital and Walk-In Clinic. We have also received many letters from our patients once they have returned home giving us excellent comments from their primary care doctors regarding our diagnostics and clinical treatment. That makes us feel proud of the quality of care we provide on a daily basis!

About Tourist Medical Assistance Network

In the early 1990’s, due to the real need for Medical assistance for Mexican and international tourists, the principal and founder of our company, Dr. J.J. Porras, started Tourist Medical Assistance Network. It had all the same standards, and qualities of the best international medical and health care services, but with warm and personalized attention, especially for the people who are away from home, created to satisfy all the needs for the demands of national and international patients.

Dr. Porras was graduated by Universidad Veracruzana School of Medicine 1978-1982 and comes from a background of highly recognized three generations of physicians. He also offers expanded experience in all medical fields, including his international health care management. He has a post graduate degree from the University of Miami McLaren School of Business Administration (Feb 2002).We are the only integrated network system with international standards in health care for visitors in Los Cabos, and possibly in all of Mexico. The best news for our visiting travelers is that we accept your travelers and major health care insurance coverage. We also accept credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.

"Our 24 hours mobile emergency units included world-wide air evacuation and are staffed by quality physicians with well trained paramedics & complete life support equipment."

Before you read more about our services, please take a moment to print this page. Place it with your travel documents. No one counts on ill health while vacationing. But just in case, this information may save your life should you need medical attention while visiting Mexico.


Balboa Hospital and Walk - In Clinic - Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico

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