post-title Ave Fenix: A Celebration of Mexican Fine Art

Ave Fenix: A Celebration of Mexican Fine Art

Ave Fenix: A Celebration of Mexican Fine Art

Ave Fenix: A Celebration of Mexican Fine Art.

Just as the mythological bird known throughout many cultures and as recently as in the Harry Potter series, the phoenix bird—or ave fénix in Spanish—is the amalgam of reality and fiction for Rosa Luz Treviño, owner of a Mexican fine art gallery in The Shoppes at Palmilla. Having owned eight such enterprises throughout Mexico, she says she owes the existence of the one-and-only Ave Fenix to John Pentz, developer of the Shoppes at Palmilla. The story goes that after having lost everything to various causes beyond her control, a chance meeting at a grocery store in Los Cabos opened up the conversation that Treviño had an extensive collection of Mexican art and nowhere to display it. That was the reemergence from the ashes, so to speak, of Ave Fenix.

Treviño is very proud to be Mexican. She is proud of the culture that has been passed down from generation to generation that is shown in every piece exhibited in her store. She exuberates the energy derived from the works of art in her store as if she has absorbed the energy that created it. Every piece of work is handmade requiring great skill and patience. She appreciates a high degree of hands-on craftsmanship rather than the skill of a machine. For example, one talavera plate takes three months from start to finish. It can be put in the microwave, dishwasher, or freezer and never crack. Authentic talavera pottery comes from only certain cities in México such as Puebla. She admonishes buyers to beware of knock-offs. She has had custom designs in this popular pottery made for her customers. Knowing many talented Mexican artisans, Treviño can have any item custom made, from lamps to furniture to pottery.

Treviño’s love for what she does shows when she explains the history of the items on display and describes the difference between a good piece and a quality item. “Quality is not cheap,” she says. “It’s one thing to buy a souvenir, but if you want a true piece of art, know that it will cost more than the trinkets offered elsewhere. If you want value, not everything should be related to cost.”

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different varieties of handicrafts made in México. Ave Fenix has a beautiful selection, some from students as well as instructors of the famed artist and sculptor, Sergio Bustamante. There are ceramics and jewelry by award-winning Rodo Padilla, framed leaded glass by Jorge Vencomo, bronze jewelry by Endo Lozaro, obsidian pieces from Teotihuacan and amber from Chiapas. There’s blown glass from Guadalajara and glass inlaid with gold. From Jalisco comes the intricate and brilliantly colorful beading of the Huichol Indians with its magic and myth rooted in every piece. Many of the artists’ works are known worldwide. Everything in the gallery is 100 percent authentic and handmade and comes from all over Mexico. There is something for everyone in this collection of museum-quality creations.

Written By Sandra Berry

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The Shoppes at Palmilla
 Tourist Corridor. KM 27.5, Palmilla, 23406 San José del Cabo, B.C.S.
Phone: +52 (624) 144-6999

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