post-title And what do you know about PROMOCASA?

And what do you know about PROMOCASA?

And what do you know about PROMOCASA?

And what do you know about PROMOCASA?

Duara Los Cabos

PROMOCASA is the company that backs up the Duara real estate development. PROMOCASA has been creating and innovating real estate developments for over 25 years. Having presence in Mexicali, Tijuana, Rosarito and Los Cabos.

What defines PROMOCASA?

  • Innovation
    In PROMOCASA our main incentive its you, our customer. That is why we are always improving and innovating our service, understanding the market needs, we search for the best options and strategies that satisfy your necessities, always having as a basis the well being and comfort of your family. This is why we are able to offer practical and innovative solutions that make your life easier and more pleasant.
  • 5 year warranty
    Quality is our priority, and we reflect it in our products, our work and, mainly, in the service we provide to the families that inhabit our developments. Giving a 5 year warranty that protects the structure of the house, a 3 year warranty of waterproofing and an 1 year warrant in all facilities.
  • Added Value
    PROMOCASA seeks the welfare and complete integration of all the families that live, dream and grow within its developments. We are always looking for the best locations of the area, giving great connectivity to our customers, making easier for them to access the best schools, business centers and recreational areas of the city. Investing in a home is a life lasting decision, it is a heritage for you and your family, that can increase its value by up to 30% in approximately 4 years.
  • Design
    Observing and analyzing the evolution of family life within households, we have transformed the use and distribution of personal spaces according to the needs and demands of today’s life. For example, the spacing around the kitchen encourages family’s interaction. Our developments distinguished for having a modern urban design with open spaces, green areas and parks, that promote outdoors and recreational activities. The perfect places for family coexistence.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    We take customer satisfaction seriously, that is why we have a team of professionals in charge of creating the best developments and providing the best service that our clients deserve. We have served more than 32,000 customers for over 25 years. We know how to satisfy our customers.
    If you are thinking of buying a house, your best option will always be PROMOCASA, know more about us and our developments at

Fore more Information take a look the Contact Page :

Duara Los Cabos
Ocean View Villas & Condos
Phone: (624) 144-7214
Open: Daily from 7:00 am to 14:00 pm

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