post-title A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day


I ran off after the seductive beauty of a rainy day. As the soul should. I said id write about it, so I was left to my bliss.

Why must I ramble? Why must I speak of literalisms when my adventure is best and conclusively described as poem? This is the illness of our times. I’ll bear it.

Oh! what might I write about today! I cried out. I’d like to write about A Rainy Day, I said, in hope someone might hear me. With some coy teasing, I managed to negotiate my freedom today. So I ran off!

I called my love immediately and asked of her company. Whilst she gets ready I must go see the hill with the cross. It would greet me greatly today. I mounted my motorcycle and set out to see all which was beautiful, and of that there was many. My job today was to capture this, not just any rainy day. I must capture My Rainy Day. A Rainy Day In Cabo.

What makes it any different than any other rainfall? The desert welcomes water in a unique way, and I, being a fish, do as well. Water to me is like sex, it fills my soul and relieves me. Rain turns vast landscapes into endless waterfalls. And this particular landscape meets water as unique as its nature.I was right, the hill with the cross was happy to see me. It held me up with stories of its beauty longer than expect, so I had to run off quickly to meet my love. On my way to her, I passed by many gorgeous sights, I couldn’t stop at all of them, but I promised id return with her to the most outstanding. They were to wait.

My love, I must confess I’ve committed adultery. I’ve been titillated, I let myself be taken and kissed by the water. But now we may be touched together. How happy I am to share this infatuation.

We must meet up with friends I’ve made along the way, they’re waiting, might you play my game with me?

They all waited graciously, the virgins were happy to see us. And I was happy to take them as a moment, in picture.






I promised my love we’d eat, so I was quick to visit my acquaintances. No goofing around.

Done! I now must please my love. Where would beauty await with a meal? I thought of two. The first was closed.

The second I only saw once some time ago as I passed, I’ve never been here, never even seen it open. But I have no doubt, today it’s awaiting me.

So it was. How beautiful it awaited. We quickly knew this was where we should be.


Us alone awoke this eatery, this beautiful place. Here I met a man, a poetic man, one not fond of literalisms. How coincidental! We spoke, kind of, rather, we played a little game of words. It was a pleasure to meet him. My love and I were offered coffee, I asked if I may also order food, a menu exists, but it’s no use today. We were special guests, special as in unexpected. But special nonetheless. For us, no menu was offered. We were offered all they had. Fruit, eggs, steak, beans, and vegetables, cooked on a stove that sat outside next to our table. A stove and a refrigerator pretty much on the sidewalk. It felt Choyero. It was spiritually true to the land.


My poetic friend doesn’t like journalists, I won’t infringe upon the hospitality I was granted.

I won’t tell you where I ate, you’ll have to find it yourself.

After breakfast, My Rainy Day subsided into the sun. This day felt familiar, familiar as in of family. Today I was given many gifts. For this I’m grateful. I must confess I may have fallen in love. Maybe.



Now I must repay those gifts granted by gifts given. It’s now my turn to be generous, to be the lover.

Your’s, truly,


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