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Wide Open experience pushes the envelope of an adventure based vacation. Much more than a simple racing school or guided low-speed tour, our exclusive open-wheel tour cars provide our guests with the performance and safety of a modern desert racer, but are comfortable enough for anyone to drive. Seasoned guides lead you through the entire journey. It’s your turn to Drive!
“AWESOME! The staff is great, the terrain is challenging, the vehicles were powerful…everything you could want in an off-road experience!”

– Rich D.


If you are

looking for an adventure of a lifetime you have found it! Designed for adventure seekers, groups and corporate teams Wide Open puts you behind the wheel! Not your average low speed guide tour. Watch the video >>

How does it work?

Typically, when one conjures up notions of a follow-the-leader type tour, one might imagine a scenario where everyone runs a steady pace, often dictated by the slowest participant, or a reserved guide. I found the tour let each of us play at our own pace and were allowed plenty of freedom to get ourselves into trouble if we so chose. That is to say, WIDE OPEN doesn’t want you to trash the cars, but certainly lets you push them to your limits. Fun Indeed! You either drive with a friend or by yourself. Wide Open does not put any guide or staff with you in the car! Radio communication is used between all the cars, with drivers and co-drivers having a radio sets in their helmets. The lead guide storms ahead and relays back turn information and terrain cautions to the cars based on odometer readings clicked off on the Lowrance GPS unit in each car. “Caterpillar” stops are used on occasion to regroup or hold a car at a stop point until the next car arrives. This helps keep the group on the same trail and moving forward, with minimal stop time or delay. Once our group got comfortable with communicating we had a fun rhythm going with keeping the cars moving at a good pace. By: Jay Kopycinski – Off-Road Magazine


Adress: Boulevard Marina s/n Lote 17 Plaza Bonita local 50-51 Centro, Centro, Marina, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.
Phone: 01 624 105 0500
Open Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 16:00

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