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Tequila Cabo Único

Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico

Tequila Cabo UnicoTequila Cabo Único” offers more than tequila. Products made 100 % ​​by Mexican artisans and indexed the drink of the Gods; it is undoubtedly the best combination.



Mission: We are a company dedicated to the commercialization of Tequila, backed by the producer hacienda “La Cofradía” emerged in 1992, making 16,000 liters per day and being the seventh exporter in the world.  We distinguish ourselves by offering artisan products made by 100 % Mexican hands, printing the essence of our culture. Achieving high quality products at a competitive price and excellent service.

Vision: To be a solid and reliable trading company, with a high sense of social responsibility towards both our suppliers and to our clients, with the ability to open , maintain and position ourselves at new market lines of regional, national and international level.

HISTORY:  Tequila that combines two qualities:

CONTAINER: It is a product that is not obtained from a machine in thousands per hour, but a product made by hand, one by one, and therefore, unique and limited production. And to say handmade, it not only refers to the assembly of parts or materials, but to all the elements that together are the result of such ancient craft techniques as the history of our country, such as high temperature ceramic, molding clay and working with colors embodied by hand, thanks to the ability of our craftsmen, quality and meticulous attention to every detail in its preparation, it is uniform and nearly identical between devices of the same model, which seems to be series made ​​by specialized machinery.

PRODUCT: The tequila we offer is the tradition of growing agave, the first Mexicans, Mexican ethnicity. It took its name from it and It was worshiped as a gift from the gods, the “Mexicas” used agave spines as needles; from their leaves obtained fibers for textiles and papers, from the pulp and roots it gave them effective medical and cosmetic usages, but from its gut´s juice, cooked and fermented, holy nectar was only intended to priests, scholars and high-ranking warriors.The Modern depositaries of that veneration for the agave are the same farmers who patiently cared for the 8-10 years it takes to mature; distillers apply centuries-old techniques and scrupulous care to distill unmatchable tequila, and the demanding owner´s palates, in national and international legions appreciate its aroma and legendary flavor.

In 1974 it received the International recognition of the designation of origin; thereby acquired the real TEQUILA Nobility letter that placed it next to the cognac, etc. as exclusive source drinks.

Tequila Cabo UnicoTequila Cabo Unico
Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico
Phone: +52 (624) 105-1327

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