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Cabo Recovers from Hurricane Juliette

General Updates October 3, 2001 to October 29, 2001

We will try to provide some information and observations about the damage to the area. Our sales reps and office staff have been talking with clients and we will share whatever information we have about cleanup operations.

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Monday - October 29, 2001

New photos from yesterday plus a letter from the Mayor.

"The business community, service providers and local government are making an effort to continue to make Los Cabos a tourist destination synonymous with quality, as well as a place where the outdoors can be enjoyed with tranquility."

Ing. Narciso Agundez Montaño, Mayor of Los Cabos

Sunday - October 28, 2001

Everything is pretty much back to normal operations here in Cabo. Medano Beach had many people enjoying the sun and the sand. The amount of sand along the beachfront increases each week. More photos will be posted tomorrow. The beaches are clean and the water is warm and clean.

Monday - October 22, 2001


Visibility seems to be getting clearer every day but for a complete and accurate report on diving, we suggest to contact.

Amigos del Mar - www.amigosdelmar.com. Email: sealion@cabotel.com.mx.

Cabo Acuadeportes -  www.cabowatersports.com - Email: play@cabowatersports.com

Dolphin's Head - Email: momota@prodigy.net.mx

Tuesday - October 16, 2001


Cabo San Lucas Country Club - Nine holes will be open again by November 1st; all 18 holes will be open by January 1, 2002.
Cabo Real Golf Club - all 18 holes have been open since October 5th.
Cabo Del Sol Golf - all 18 holes have been open since October t5h.
Eldorado Golf Club - The cart paths were damages by the heavy surf and are being repaired. The course will re-open all 18 holes on November 1st.
Palmilla Golf - The original 18 hotels (The Arroyo Course and Mountain Course) are open. The Ocean Course (9 holes) will be closed until about the 10th of November.
San José Golf Course - The nine hole course is open.


Tthe Hurricane had very little effect on our reefs if any. The reefs here in Cabo are rock not coral so the storm waves did't bother them. What you should be aware of is the low visibility caused by rain runoff into the water. Today the water is very cloudy, the visibility is about 25 feet. It seems to be getting clearer every day so I expect it will be much better by the end of the month. You should also be aware that our best diving site, Cabo Pulmo, is not accessible as the road was washed out by the storm. Update from Kevin Colter, Amigos del Mar, Cabo San Lucas. www.amigosdelmar.com. Email: sealion@cabotel.com.mx.

Editor's note: I am now getting conflicting information about the road to Cabo Pulmo. I have not been able to personally verify whether or not it is possible to get to Cabo Pulmo. The following comes from Betsy Stoll.
"Indeed, the road to Cabo Pulmo from San Jose del Cabo is open via Highway #1 to Las Cuevas and La Ribera, then on into Cabo Pulmo. The trip is taking longer than normal and I advised her to rent a higher clearance car. This information comes directly from people, both Mexican and American, who live in Cabo Pulmo who have been back and forth to town almost daily since a few days after Hurricane Juliette."

Monday - October 15, 2001

New photos from this morning are being processed and will be posted later today. It's another beautiful day in Cabo.

Red Rose Riding Stables will re-open on November 1, 2001.

Sunday - October 14, 2001

Most of the restarunts along Medano Beach are now open. Billygan's Island and Mango Deck are now open along with Las Palmas and the Office. The beach area increases each day as the tidal action returns more sand to the Medano beach front. All of these restaurants still need to rebuild the shade areas that were destroyed but in the meantime they are back to normal operations.

Saturday - October 13, 2001

This morning I went on the Desert Park ATV tour into the desert and canyons at Cabo Real. With all the damage the hurricane caused the rains also transformed the desert into bright green landscape as dormant plants have strung up everywhere, trees and bushes now have grren leaves. Water is running in normally dry riverbeds and in some areas of the mountains there are waterfalls. There is still much damage to repair but as a vacation stop, Cabo is almost back to normal.

Friday - October 12, 2001

Cabo San Lucas Country Club has today informed us that nine holes will be open again by November 1st and all 18 holes will be open by January 1, 2002. The Los Cabos Golf Resort will be re-open on November 18th.

Thursday - October 11, 2001

Since everything else seems to be operating normally, we'll concentrate on water conditions for today. For divers, the water temperature is 72°, visibility is still poor (about 18 ft. today), but we've been told there's plenty of fish, a school of seven mantas has been seen and the sand falls are spectacular. Only local diving is accessible. There are no trips to "Santa María Bay", "El Chileno" or any of the East Cape's diving spots because the water there is still muddy. With exception of snorkeling, all watersports can be enjoyed now. Some beachfront restaurants are open again, so beach life is back in Cabo! Complete cleaning of beaches in the area is estimated for next week, but this process does not interfere with any of the activities.

Wednesday - October 10, 2001

We must say that life has returned to normal. There's still some cleaning and reconstruction done of the beach front restaurants and roads. Transit is fluent from and to La Paz, through Todos Santos. There are still a couple of runoffs but any kind of car can go through. It's possible to drive from and to San José del Cabo with any type of car, and to the East Cape with a four wheel drive. The Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas is recovering fast, it's getting wider, people are walking, beach vendors are in business again, some people are even swimming in the sea waters and some wave runners and boats are active again. It is still advisable not to swim until the cleaning operations are over. Heavy equipment is being used to clear the "arroyo" which was the biggest runoff. Port Captain's office estimates a week until the beaches get completely clean. Soon there will be no trace of Juliette and some of the spectacular formations that were uncovered by it will disappear. We hope to get some pictures before they're gone and be able to share them through this site.

Tuesday - October 9, 2001

Most of the activities are back to normal. It is possible to dive although there will be poor visibility (about 15 to 20 ft. today) and it won't get better for at least a week. It is a great time for fishing. The rest of the activities are accessible and in fact tours could be quite interesting after the storm since it left unusual views that you won't be able to admire again in a near future. Gas Stations are offering normal service again. The road to La Paz is open but we heard that it is still bad and it could take you about 4 hours to drive from La Paz to Cabo. There are no tours to La Paz at this moment. Red Rose Riding Stables was located in the path of a large runoff and the stables were flooded away. We know the horses are O.K. but we haven't been able to contact them to check if they're still offering tours.

Monday - October 8, 2001 - 4:00 pm

More updates on hotels, restaurants and nightlife. New photos from Saturday on "Photos - Page 2". I drove out to Medano Beach this afternoon. The cleanup of the area continues. I did see wave runners and other watersports operating.

Sunday - October 7, 2001 - 4:00 pm

Medano Beach is cleaning up very nicely. In some areas there are huge piles of trash and debris that needs to be loaded onto trucks to be hauled away. The expanded beach at the arroyo by Club Cascadas had a number of people enjoying the gorgeous Sunday afternoon. This beach area will eventually revert back to how is was before the storm, but for now it is aqn interesting change to the beachfront. It is very impressive to see how fast the area is recovering from the aftermath of the hurricane. Everything won't be completely normal for several weeks, but slowly life is returning to normal.

Saturday - October 6, 2001 - 4:00 pm

I've spent part of this morning looking around town and inspecting some of the beaches. The downtown area has been cleaned up and almost back to normal. The beaches are being cleaned and will quickly be back to normal. The storm created large crevices or walls that were difficult to walk over or around. I've seen heavy equipment on many beaches being used to clean up and reshape the contours of the beaches to a more normal form. People are walking on the beaches and enjoying the nice sunshine. I will have more photos by Monday morning.

I understand from AllAboutCabo.com the Squid Roe is now open.

I was able to find fresh milk and bread at the grocery store. Fresh meats appear to be limited. Supplies are still being brought in on a large container ship. Water is becoming more available but will be in short supply for several weeks more. I am told that the gas supplies will be restored by Monday.

Many restuarants are now open and most of the resorts and resort resaurants are working normally.

Fishing has been very good as things start to get back to normal.

If you are sceduled to come to Cabo there is no need to change you plans.

Friday - October 5, 2001 - 11:00 am

I have just returned (2:30 pm) from a drive to the airport. There are several areas where the road was washed away but all are passable now with normal cars.

Cleanup crews are doing a great job removing trash and debris from the beaches.

Phone services have been restored and it is possible to make long distance calls again.

Electricity has been restored to most of the area.

Many restaurants have reopened and others will reopen in the next couple of days. The restaurants along "El Medano" Beach in Cabo San Lucas were severely damaged and hope to reopen again in about a month.

The beach will be clean in approximately a week. There are no watersports or diving available today and it is not recommended to venture into the waters of the Cabo San Lucas Bay since debris was brought in by the rivers. As soon as the beach gets cleaned, this services will be available again. Probably the first of next week. Fishing charters, sunset and sightseeing cruises, and ATV's activities are still operating.

Most hotels and resorts have internal purification systems to provide drinking water. Bottled purified is available in the area. Hotel restaurants appear to be operating normally.

The downtown area of Cabo is being cleaned and should be back to normal in a few days.

Since the road to a La Paz is closed, everything is being brought by ship. Supplies are therefore limited. Gasoline is very difficult to get but should be available by Monday.

The Bisbee's Tournament is still planned to continue.

Cabo del Sol & Cabo Real Golf Courses are working regularly. Eldorado will take a month to repair the damage. Cabo San Lucas Country Club was severely damaged and is not operational. There are no estimates at the moment for when that course will reopen.

The weather is wonderfull! We are expecting your visit.

Quoted from Tracy Ehrenberg, Pisces Fleet Fishing Report:

"Well as you all probably know there isn't a lot to report this week, in fact maybe we should call this Hurricane Juliette report! The port in Cabo San Lucas was closed from Wednesday September 26th until October 2nd. Hurricane Julliette was about the nastiest storm I've seen here in Cabo. Winds reached a maximum of 120 mph, but mostly stayed around 70 mph, however the storm stayed with us for three whole days, giving us 14 inches of rain. I know a lot of people are concerned at what damage has been done. The old dock by the defunct cannery at the entrance of the marina is gone, as are some slips from the new "Marinas de Baja", the main Cabo Marina is perfectly fine (this is where weight in is scheduled for the Billfish Tournament and Tuna Tournament). A dock in front of the Pisces building is also detached. The bridge at el Tule, just beyond the Hotel Cabo San Lucas, has a section gone, this has now been packed with earth and cars are passing with no problem. All of the restaurants on the main beach suffered severe damage and are not operating at this time. Most hotels are operating fairly normally at this time. In regard to boats, I heard of one 40 ft boat sinking, but this was in poor condition anyhow, so this wasn't a surprise to anyone. A dozen pangas also sank, but have since been raised. Pisces is back to normal and we are fishing every day."

Thursday - October 4, 2001 - 4:00 pm

The Los Cabos International Airport is open. Taxis and buses are available to bring passengers from the airport to their hotels. Most cars can make the trip from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo. The trip from San Jose del Cabo to the airport requires a vehicle with high ground clearance or 4 wheel drive.

Phones were out most of the day and have just now (4:00 pm) started to work again.

Other than the damage to the area, the weather is beautiful.

The water main from San Jose is badly damaged and being repaired. I would suspect that water conservation measures are in place all over town. There are still a number of wells pumping fresh water that is being delivered by truck to hotels, businesses and residences. We recieved a truck load of water this morning for our office. We have also been able to get bottled purified water, but it can be difficult to locate.

I personally went to one of the larger grocery stores in Cabo today to restock. They were out of fresh milk and eggs and some fruits and vegetables but were reasonalby well stocked with meats, chicken, deli meats, canned goods, etc.

Wednesday - October 3, 2001 - 6:00 pm

Phone service was just restored at about 4:00 pm today but it is still very difficult to make long distance phone calls. Cellular phones work sometimes and from some areas.

Electricity was not restored at our office (just outside of Cabo San Lucas) until Sunday morning. Electricity has been restored to most of the area but still off in some areas of the city.

The damage to the area is extensive but Cabo has faced hurricanes before and is picking up the pieces from this one as in the past. Sections of the road from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas have been washed away but detours have been established and traffic can travel between the two cities. We have had our cars (Volkswagen sedans) going to San Jose and back today although travel is slower than normal.

Most restaurants were closed right after the hurricane hit as a general health precaution. Some have already reopened and others will reopen very shortly.

Most hotels and resorts have internal purification systems to provide drinking water. Bottled purified is available in the area.

The downtown area of Cabo is being cleaned and should be back to normal in a few days.

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| Letter from Los Cabos' Mayor | Photos - PG 1 (10/05/01) |

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