standard-title San Bartolo

San Bartolo

Baja California Sur, México

San Bartolo is a scenic tropical village, complete with thatched roof homes, 10 miles north of Los Barriles as you begin your climb into the hills. This is a great place to stop and buy mangos, avocados, locally made candies and some of the most incredible of the local treats, fruit filled empanadas. A large, spring fed, arroyo runs along the base of the valley, and provides this pleasant town with a bountiful supply of fresh water. The locality is distinguished by its great variety, and in the sale of regional sweets, and especially the regional food of burritos of machaca, meat pies with red chile, tamales, seasonal fruits, and others.

San Bartolo has a very good tradition rooted in preserves of fruit and production of homemade sweets, all made based on the fruits that grow in their orchards, sweet mango, lemon, squash and guava. When you pass by here try to do it in the morning to have a typical ranchero breakfast of the zone, consists of burritos of machaca or meat pies with refried beans and fresh cheese. Hopefully you will find coffee from bag, made in the traditional way. If you like camping, here is another option, with some services in the town and a spectacular area where you can keep in direct contact with nature.

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