standard-title Playa el Faro Viejo

Playa el Faro Viejo – Old Lighthouse Beach

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México

El Faro Viejo, The Old Lighthouse is no longer accessible. Four wheel (ATV’s) All Terrain Vehicles are no longer permitted for outings to this impressive spot.

Editor’s Note: As of January 2008 the access road to this beach and El Faro Viejo (old light house) has been chained off. There is a guard at the entrance gate advising that the original access road is now private property. Most of this area is undergoing some sort of development. We will continue to look for an access point for this section of beach.

From Left: sunset rides on the beach near El Faro Viejo (2). The oldest structure in Cabo San Lucas, El Faro Viejo (Old Lighthouse), as seen from the 7th tee box at Quivira Los Cabos

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