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 La Fonda Restaurant, Cabo San Lucas

Welcome to this little place made with a lot of heart for the only reason to make you feel the Mexican hospitality like in a real Mexican kitchen enjoying many recipes. As colorful  as our country is our food so you can season your day in a Mexican way! wake up your appetite

Starting with

Empanaditas de picadillo (3 pza)
Corn masa empanadas stuffed with beef


Chiles gueros rellenos de atun y queso (2 pza)
Chile stuffed with tuna and cheese then battered and deep fried, served with a tomato sauce


Quesadillas mixtas, flor de calabaza, huitlacoche y camaron (3 pza)
Tortilla with cheese and filling with pumpkin blossom, one with shrimp and one with huitlacoche (a mushroom that grows from the corn)


Tlacoyos en salsa de tomatillo y cilantro
A small tamal like prepared in a tomatillo and cilantro sauce


Queso fundido con chorizo (opcional)
Melted Mexican cheese (fondue like) with chorizo ( Mexican sausage )


Sopes de machaca de camaron (2 pza)
Sope is thick tortilla with different toppings, shrimp, lettuce, cheese and cream


Tacos de cascarita fritos (3 pza)
Fried potato skins inside a tortilla, really tasty tacos here


Entremes campirano: Carne adobada, nopales con cebolla, chorizo verde, chorizo rojo, queso panela, chicharron y guacamole. (para 2 personas)
Mixed appetizers, sauteed pork with cactus leaves in a chile marinade, a piece of green chorizo (Mexican sausage) a piece of red chorizo, fresh cheese, guacamole and pieces of chicharron (pork skin deep fried)


Poisonous beans (frijoles “venenosos”)
Refried and topped with the secret adobo, served with grilled tortillas


Ceviche La Fonda, scallops, octopus and cactus leafs, with a tequila red sauce


Prehispanic Appetizers (the exotic side)
Availability and price depend on the season

Maguey Worms
Delicius and crispy, eat them with guacamole and lime, rolled up in a tortilla


Ant eggs
Better then the best caviar!


Sauteed with garlic and butter, perfect for tacos



Sopa azteca
It´s a soup made with tortillas, dried chile and chicken broth


Sopa tarasca
A black bean and tortilla broth


Sopa de fideo
Its a rich soup with pasta (angel hair like)    


Crema poblana
Cream of poblano chile with pumpkin blossoms and pieces of regional cheese


Sopa de Lentejas
Mom´s lentils soup


From the Mexican griddle

La Fonda Special / for 4 people (soup and dessert are included)
Two sopes, chicken and picadillo, Two tacos, cochinita pibil, Two gorditas, chorizo with potato and cactus leaves, Two tostadas, pork, Two flautas, chiken and beef and chorizo, red and green


Our style of “asado a la plaza”


Beef escalope served with a mixed salad and fried potatoes


Flautas de pollo
Flauta means flute…Corn tortilla rolled around a shredded chicken filling, then fried until crisp.


Flautas de carne deshebrada
Corn tortilla rolled around a shredded chicken and beef filling, then fried until crisp.


Tacos Dorados: (4 pza)
Corn tortilla rolled into a taco with different fillings as:
Papa con chorizo (Potato with chorizo)
Requeson (Mexican version of ricotta cheese)
Rajas (Julienne of poblano chile with cream)
Pollo (Shredded chicken)
Carne deshebrada (shredded beef)
Frijol con chorizo (Beans and chorizo)
Picadillo (Ground and seasoned beef)


Tacos con el sello de la casa (4pza)
These are our recipes for soft tacos made with fresh hand made tortillas
Tinga (Shredded beef stew with chipotle)
Chicharron salsa roja (Pork skin in a tomato sauce)
Chicharron salsa verde (Pork skin in a tomatillo green sauce
Chorizo (Mexican sausage)
Cochinita pibil (typical dish from Yucatan, pork, achiote and sour oranges)
Requeson (Riccota, capers, tomato and eggplant)

Tacos Ahogados

Tacos locos de camaron
Crazy shrimp tacos a must try signature dish


Sopes (3 pza)
Sope is thick corn dough, circular shaped like a small pizza with toppings as: Papa con chorizo (Potato with chorizo)

Requeson (Mexican version of ricotta cheese)
Pollo (Shredded chicken)
Rajas (Julliene of poblano chile with cream)
Carne deshebrada (shredded beef)
Frijol con chorizo (Beans and chorizo)
Picadillo (Ground and seasoned beef)

Quesadillas de la casa (3pza)
House quesadillas, stuffed with carnitas and fried


Gorditas (3pza)
Thick corn dough tortilla split in two, like a pita bread, stuffed with this fillings: Frijol (beans), Papa con chorizo (Potato and chorizo), Chicharron salsa roja (Pork skin in a tomato sauce), Chicharron salsa verde (Pork skin in a tomatillo green sauce, Carnitas (pork meat slowly cooked in pork fat), Requeson (Mexican version of ricotta cheese), Nopalitos (Cactus leaves)


Enchiladas (3 pza)
Tortillas passed through a sauce then rolled like a taco with different fillings. Rojas (cheese and onion stuffed, topped with cheese and cream), Verdes (chicken stuffed, topped with cheese, cream and avocado), Potosinas (an empanada like stuffed tortilla, deep fried and served with cream and avocado)


A crisp fried tortilla topped with various ingredients such as: Pierna (baked pork leg), Lomo (pork tenderloin), Pata (pork feet), Requeson (Ricotta, cactus leaves and beans)


Chalupas Tradicionales
Tortilla passed through green and red sauce then fried and topped with carnitas and onion


Chalupas de champinones, espinacas y tomate deshidratado
Same as a chalupa but the topping is portobello mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and spinach


Chiles rellenos Dorita (Chiapas)
Stuffed ancho chile (sundried chile) with platano macho and cheese served with a tomato sauce, beans and rice


From the pots

Manitas de cerdo Dona Chayo (Jalisco)
Slowly braised pork feet 


Carne en su jugo
Thin beef steaks cut into small pieces served in its own juices with beans, bacon and spices 


Cochinita pibil
Typical dish from Yucatan, pork, achiote and sour oranges


Black Mole Tamales or Tamales from Chiapas
(Ask for availability)


Mole de la Casa
Mole house recipe


Mole Poblano con puerco o pollo
A mole from Puebla, a state in Mexico, with pork or chicken


Pipian verde con puerco o pollo
Pipian is a mole like preparation where the base of the sauce is pumpkin seeds and peanuts with various green ingredients.

Pozole verde (Guerrero)
A thick, hearty soup of pork, chicken, beef, hominy, onion, cilantro. To make it green, this recipe calls for green pipian


We make our tortas (a Mexican type of sandwich)
with the original Mexican sourdough bread which we fly in from Guadalajara.

Tortas ahogadas
This is a “torta” we call drowned, because it is completely dipped in a tomato sauce filledwith carnitas. Tipocal dish from Guadalajara in sourdough


Torta ahogada de camaron
Same as a torta ahogada, but the sauce has cream and the filling is shrimp


Tortas de Pierna en pan telera
This torta is filled with pork leg, slowly baked in adobo


Tortas de Milanesa en pan telera
The milanese torta. A mexican tradition, beef escalope, avocado, onion, tomato, lettuce and jalapenos


Cortes de Carne Asada

“KOBE” Rib Eye Roll Cut, served with a sake chimichurri


Rib Eye in whisky BBQ or Adobo


Skirt steak in whisky BBQ or Adobo


Kabobs of beef filet, chorizo, bacon pineapple and onion in black adobo


* All grilled items served with tortillas poisonous beans, grilled cheese and salsa Speciality`s Corner

“KUROBUTA” Pork shops in a light mole sauce with cabernet
Braised short ribs with dried chiles (really tender and flavorfull meat)

Chicken leg and thigh stuffed with huitlacoche
(a mushroom that grows on the corn) in a poblano chile sauce

Pork shank ajillo, guajillo chile and garlic

Stuffed sea bass
Stuffed with shrimp, mushrooms, corn, shallots, pumpkin blossoms and  cheese in two sauces, green peas-white wine sauce and a tomato-red wine sauce


Shrimp in tree chiles with hazelnuts

Filete Mignon “La Fonda “ In ancho chile sauce with cabernet

The “ gunshot “ fish a really tasty and healthy option 

Fried Lobster “La Fonda” The one of a kind lobster


If you prefer to have something light today!!


Eggplant salad
Grilled eggplant with cheese and avocado, in a cilantro, sesame and peanut pesto


Mestiza salad
Mixed baby greens with prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, spinach, pine nuts, grapefruit segments and fresh regional cheese, topped with a pear dressing


The Farmers salad
Lettuce, beans, corn grilled bread, avocado,bacon, onion, potato and grilled plantain, drizzledin mole vinaigrette


Executive Menu

All menus include 1 “agua fresca”, 1 soda or 1 beer
From 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM Monday to Friday

Rice with banana, Lentil soup, Cream of poblano chile, Azteca soup, Tlacoyos, Mixed salad, Main Dishes

Pozole verde


Tacos ahogados

House mole with chicken
Milanese torta
Carne en su jugo
The “gunshot” fish
Choose your favorite

*Prices has been Updated until May 16, 2007
Tax and Service are not included

La Fonda Restaurant

Miguel Hidalgo s/n between Obregon and 12 de Octubre
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, CP 23410 Mexico

Phone: (624) 143 – 6926 and 172 – 0176
Opens Daily from 1pm to 10pm

 La Fonda Restaurant, Cabo San Lucas

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