Loreto Bay - Baja California Sur

Loreto Bay - Baja California Sur, Mexico

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For 300 years, Loreto remained one of Mexico's treasured secrets. Sitting peacefully on the shores of the Sea of Cortes, hidden beneath the Sierra de la Giganta mountains, only a few visitors were lucky enough to discover this little jewel of Baja. But once you visit a place like Loreto you can't keep it to yourself, and now the secret is out.

We invite you to discover what it is about Loreto that inspires us:
• The spectacular natural beauty of Baja, Mexico
• Three centuries of history and culture
• Countless amenities and adventures
• A friendly, walkable community
• The world’s largest sustainable development

And, when you’re ready, explore the opportunities to travel to Loreto or even to live in our luxury resort town.

Loreto Bay - Baja California Sur Loreto Bay - Mexico Loreto Bay - Los Cabos

The Destination
Loreto is a special place.

Loreto Bay - A Great Destination Blessed with beauty
When you first see Loreto, it is truly breathtaking. A culturally rich, historic village that sits on the shores of the Sea of Cortes, tucked away in the shadow of the Sierra de la Giganta mountains, Loreto's natural beauty is undeniable.

Hand-picked for tourism
Loreto was designated by FONATUR, Mexico's tourism development division, as one of a handful of places in Mexico with the potential to become a world-class tourism destination. The sunny climate, the warm sea you can swim in year-round, the world-class sport fishing, diving, kayaking, whale-watching, hiking and golf make it the ideal place for an adventure-filled or laid back getaway.

The truth is, life in Baja isn’t for everyone. How can you tell if the Baja Lifestyle is not the life for you?
You prefer rain and cold
The warm Baja sun shines down all year, so if rain or cold make you happy, then you might not enjoy it here.
You avoid the outdoors
If you don't enjoy any of the following activities, then we don't think you will have much to do down in the Baja: swimming, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, whale watching, golf, tennis, fishing, hiking, biking, horseback riding, walking on the beach or snoozing in the sun.

You'd rather be at the mall
There are no large shopping centers or fast food outlets in Loreto. Only small stores with handmade arts & crafts and family-owned restaurants whose recipes have been passed down for generations. And if you don’t like friendly, welcoming people, you might not feel at home here, either.

Loreto Bay - The Warm Baja Spot
You don't like to relax
If leisurely strolls along miles of unspoiled beaches or afternoon siestas in the shade of a palapa aren't your speed, then you may be ill suited for the Baja Lifestyle, because it’s nearly impossible to get through the day here without one of those opportunities presenting itself.

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