Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery - San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico

Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery
San Jose del Cabo
, Los Cabos, Mexico


This art gallery is very prolific in every aspect. Ivan Guaderrama’s artistic style flows and fills this gallery with bright colors to live textures.

In this gallery you will find that Ivan’s imagination has no limits, from recycled glass sculptures to vibrant abstract art and even custom body casting for clients this place glows with passion and dedication to the creation of one of a kind art. Breathtaking paintings adorn this place from corner to corner for the art lover in you to experience.

Located in the heart of the world renowned San Jose del Cabo art district and open all week from 9am-5pm for the public and also open to private showings by appointment.

The great success that Ivan has achieved is reflected by his latest accomplishment of opening his second Contemporary Art gallery in Laguna Beach, California in November of 2011.

We invite you  to come fall in love with the unique scenery of The Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery.


Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery - San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico

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