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La Isla Cabo

La Isla Cabo

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México

La IslaLa Isla – Why us? When we custom build each of our catamarans, we thought about what you would like to get out of your day at sea during your vacation. And because we are all equal, but, definitely not the same. we can suggest what to do with your day, but the last call is yours! Swimm more? Cruise more? Snorkel more? Sightsee More? Yes. customize your tour, the way we customized our catamarans!

What’s so different? Space. Quality. Freedom!!! We offer ONLY private tours. All our catamarans are very confortable and have different capacities, but they all offer the same experience. Our tours are 4 hours long, with extra hours available upon request and availability. Weather is morning or afternoon (Catching the sunset) we cover all points of interest inside the bay of Cabo San Lucas such as. The Arch, Lover’s Beach, Sea Lion Colony, Divorce Beach and Pelican Rock (best snorkeling spot) upon your request, you can go to a wonderful walk in Lover’s Beach with your personal guide (Included in your trip) swimming towards Lover’s Beach is required.

After this, we anchor on our semiprivate beach; where you can truly enjoy your day at sea by snorkeling (snorkel gear included) swimming, paddle boarding, floating noodles all gear included. The ISLAS all have terrific sound systems for you to play your own music, confortable bathrooms, and lounge type-seating arrangements where you can relax.

An activity for all the family or friends where everyone gets to do what they want!
robots Follow all. follow no one or better yet. follow yourself!



Boulevard Paseo de la Marina Cabo San Lucas


22.88204732607349, -109.91198543989913





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