Fashion Designer Rebeca Rojas – Colombian lady brimming with imagination and creativity, Rebeca was kind enough to take time off from her tight schedule to give us an inside glimpse of who she is, both as a woman and as a successful professional.

LCM: Who is Rebeca Rojas?

RR: (with an endearing smile): I consider myself a dynamic person, living and enjoying passionately every single achievement within the world of fashion!

LCM: Where do you think your inclination towards fashion designing comes from?

RR: An artistic streak has always run within my family. My grandmother loved sewing, my grandfather was an architect, and many of our close relatives are engaged in some way with fashion -not as designers, precisely, but as clothing manufacturers.

“Initially, I wanted to be a psychologist. But when I finished high school, I wasn’t all that sure anymore. Luckily, I had the opportunity to chat with my cousin’s husband (a psychologist himself), who advised me to take on something else, that he couldn’t picture me in that profession. And then, very casually, said: Why don’t you study fashion design? At the time, there weren’t many fashion designers, and I plunged into this fascinating, seemingly very promising world, with the passion that has ruled my life. I then went to work at a cousin’s clothing manufacturing business, where I made hundreds of bows and ties for dresses that he exported to Puerto Rico in large quantities. Then came learning the art of dressmaking, and I was hooked!”

Leticia Klein & Rebeca Rojas | Photo Provided by The Shoppes At Palmilla

LCM: What inspires you to create such beauty?

RR: Once again: PASSION! When you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you are always looking for innovations that will please many, not just one person in particular. When creating a new collection, my mind might be blank at the beginning…suddenly, a burst of color in the natural beauty that surrounds us will do it! The Los Cabos Collection for Casa Vieja was inspired on the many shades of blue the Sea of Cortés has to offer which, to me, is related to Peace.

LCM: With your professional experience and the many places you have visited, what does Rebeca Rojas think is required to become a fashion designer?

RR: I don’t think just anyone can become a fashion designer. There are many celebrities who, riding the waves of their popularity, put a line of clothing on the market and consider themselves ‘designers’. Nothing ca be farther from the truth!

LCM: Name a model whom you’d like to see in one of your creations

RR: I have great admiration for Cindy Crawford and would love to see her in one of my gowns!

LCM: Which is your favorite color? 

RR: I love black because I consider it the most elegant color in the palette. When I was before the Judge marrying my husband, all dressed in black, the former said it was the first time (and probably the last) that he had married a couple with the bride dressed in black, laughed loud and hard, and said he’d state the fact in the legal document!

LCM: Share with us an anecdote that you consider representative of Rebeca Rojas

RR: When the time came for me to create my own fabric I did it in silk, with my own hands, a beautiful design with a meaningful message, a legend written by me and duly patented.

LCM: How does a fashion designer avoid being noticed?

RR: One must be very relaxed, no makeup, normal hair style, but never shabby. Once when I was in Medellín (Colombia) shopping for clothes and wearing plain trousers and a brown linen shirt, a lady came up to me and said: “With such colorful collections, Rebeca, I expected to see you wearing a turban in many colors!”

Leticia Klein & Rebeca Rojas | Photo Provided by The Shoppes At Palmilla

LCM (Note): Leticia Klein, owner of Casa Vieja boutique located in The Shoppes at Palmilla, ‘discovered’ Rebeca at a fashion expo in Medellín. As Leticia puts it: “I’ve been in the business since 1982, and through the years have gotten to know many wonderful designers. At the time, I had this idea in my head: I wanted clothing made in linen, fine linen, simply cut and beautiful. I’d already visited many of the stands located in Colombia Moda, seen pretty things but, alas, not what I was looking for. Suddenly I see this palette of pastels, outfits in fine linen in rainbow colors and, quietly sitting on the side, I see a blonde head crowned with unruly curls and an expectant smiling face. Since then, Rebeca has been a Casa Vieja staple, and we feel most honored to have her on the first of what we hope will be many visits to Los Cabos.”

LCM: Which items do you consider the most fashionable in the Rebeca Rojas collections?

RR: I love shirts! You can wear them in all colors and styles with plain white or black pants, look great and be comfortable for any occasion.

LCM: Do you think the Rebeca Rojas collection is expensive?

RR: I used to smile when people came to me in trade shows to tell me they couldn’t buy my clothes because they were too expensive for their clientele, but that they at least wanted to shake my hand. So I decided to do something about it and came out with two other lines, same designs but in less expensive material. This seems to have worked out quite nicely for all of us!

LCM: To conclude, what advice would you give to young people who want to study fashion?

RR: Once again: Be passionate about your feelings and about what you know deep inside that you have to offer!

Many thanks to Los Cabos Magazine!

Interview by Diney Manriquez | Translated by Mrs. Leticia Klein

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