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EZ Locker
Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico

Phone: 172-58-08 | US Phone: (512) 535-6311 | E-Mail: info@ezlockercabo.com | Website: www.ezlockercabo.com

A Smart way to travel
In your next vacation to Cabo, make a smart choice and take advantage of the EZ Locker® personal storage service. With 3 years of experience in Los Cabos, we are now helping more than 200 happy customers, making their travel experience a better one. When you think of Cabo as your second home, how many times you wish to have a better experience while you enjoy your villa?

How many times you...

  • End a vacation with some stuff that you don't want to just throw it away (used and unused liquor or wine, food cans, kitchen supplies, etc.)
  • Be with at your villa and wish to have something to play with the whole family, but you don't bring your games to avoid the hassle of carrying it back and forward or the payment of additional airlines fees.
  • Need something that you frequently use at home (Kitchen utensils like knifes, iPod stereo speakers, board games, electronics, and more).
  • Wish to travel with less luggage and have a smooth airport experience.
  • Want to leave your golf clubs in Cabo.
  • Want to have a nice cup of cappuccino but you don't have your cappuccino maker.


With EZ Locker® , you can make all this happend!

How does it works?

  • EZ locker will give you a container (blue box) where you can store all your personal belongings (see the top right image as a reference)
  • You let us know when, where and the time of your departure, and EZ Locker® will pick it up.
  • In your next vacation, you just let us know when you need it and EZ Locker® will deliver right at the door of your villa.
  • EZ Locker ® owners has a private secured section at this website where they can see all of their contracts, make on line renewals, request or modify an active visit, leave a testimonial and soon, they will see their Referral Rewards information.

If you have items that does not fit in the box, no problem!, we can safely keep them for you. We cover all the items in plastic bags to keep them away from dust, humidity and any other agents that can damage it.

Storage Facilities

  • Our storage facilities are climate controled (average temperature is around 73°F).
  • 24 hours security
  • Clean, safe and Secure
  • All lockers and Items safely guard by EZ Locker® are insured... just in case!

EZ Locker - Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico

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