Cabo Magic Sportfishing Fish Report, October 27, 2013

Cabo Magic SportfishingGood morning! October 27, 2013
Cabo Magic Sportfishing Cabo Fish Report October 16 to 27, 2013

I am preparing a summary to cover and include all VIP Guests catch results from Oct 5 thru Oct 26th. and life and new business continues to take priority position, that’s why we love posting photos, and they are forever viewable on our VIP Guest Photos pages.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

And, to address the question received via numerous emails and a few calls: From time to time the decision is made to remove/add boat/s from/to our representation.

This decision is made based upon numerous factors:

(1) VIP Guest Feedback – that’s why we ask you to let us know how your trip went – we want to hear the good, the bad, the outstanding, the specifics from your perspective.

(2) Tommy periodically inspects boats/tackle/gear.

(3) Changes in vessel ownership. Ever since we began representing other vessels, arranging charters for them, in addition to the boats we personally owned 100% (35′ Bertram CABO MAGIC® and 31′ CABO MAGIC® Dos), the owner and we must be on the same page when it comes to how we conduct business. That isn’t to say there are different techniques and ideas, however, we are diligent in our procedures in order to ensure a unique CABO MAGIC® experience for all VIP Guests.

(4) Crew changes. Tommy used to be the decision maker for crew selection, and is still involved in the process. However, there are some owners who insist on running their ship their own way. Sometimes, a Captain decides to ‘jump ship’ and begin to work on another vessel, and that also influences our decision to represent that particular vessel, or not.

Overall, we are grateful for your interest in how/what/why we conduct our business – 15 years is a long time, even though it feels just like yesterday when we bought the first “CABO MAGIC®”.

Tight lines, blue skies and blue water. Fresh fish and fresh air. Mother Nature and Neptune dancing a waltz, or tango, or pasa doble – is a beautiful thing.

Thanks again for your business – everyone associated with CABO MAGIC® is sincerely grateful for the opportunity to welcome you aboard.

October 26, 2013


Fish One Full Day  – Dec 1st or 2nd
With John and Laurie from Melbourne, Florida They are Cabo veterans and seasoned fisherfolk who enjoy spending time on the water.


Full day fishing share available  (Thurs) JANAURY 9, 2014
Fish aboard our 31′ Blackfin with GAVIN & ZARA from Colorado.  Gavin is an insurance adjuster.
$400 each couple if there are a total of 4 aboard.


SHARE AVAILABLE on Oct 30th or 31st

Fish with D. Reed – A retired (young) real estate developer  from Upper Marlboro, Maryland.
Full Day aboard single engine 28′ Cruiser
If there are two of you, its $225 per person.
If there are three of you its $150 per person.
If there are four of you its $125 per person


October 25, 2013

What a finish to the 2013 Bisbees Black & Blue Marlin Tournament.
Last fish in on the last day!

Congratulations / Feliciadades !!!!

Linda Williams and her crew .. 1st place 774 MARLIN AZUL
Martha McNab and her crew … 2nd place 525 MARLIN AZUL

When you see the money distribution it will amaze .. being in jackpots across the board as Martha did will net her an incredible amount of dinero.

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL PARTICIPANTS in the October 2014 tournaments. …

October 24, 2013

Congratulations! to Martha McNabb, owner of “Retriever” and her crew, longtime participants of all local tournaments, and to our very own Capt Luis and to our amigo Capt Chito. Today is the final day of the “Bisbees Black & Blue Marlin Tournament” and every participant is on the hunt for the fish that will earn dinero for their own team!

In this small town, it is inevitable that many captains and mates either currently work with us , or have worked with/for us over the past 15 years. We watch all tournaments cheering for everyone..

During this particular time, we keep an eye on the named storm “Raymond” churning off to the west.

Ask a dozen captains and you will likely hear a dozen different responses about many things that affect/influence catch results.

October 23, 2013

Wow what excitement! You can see up-to-the-minute hookups and view video of fish being weighed at the 2013 Bisbees Black & Blue Marlin Tournament. Since no qualifying fish was weighed on Day One, the jackpot monies roll over into Day Two. Woohoo! Big Payday! Shout out to the anglers fishing with Pisces on La Brisa who did weigh a big Azul that would have won dinero had they been entered in the event.

The weather is perfect. The waters are perfect.

Yes indeed October is tournament month ..With LCBT 15 (fifteen already??? ) completed, (Way to go Director Dan Jacobs) then the “Little Bisbees” KnowKnownAs Los Cabos Offshore smack in the middle, and also completed, and the Big Kahuna of them all, Bisbees Black & Blue taking place starting today – 23/24/25 – it means those fish best look out below! The bells and whistles deployed in efforts to find the biggest are astounding. Superstitious activity aside – Radar, Sonar, Wave, Currents, Tide, Moon Phase maps etc .. and still, the waters of our region continue to stump and stymie .. stay tuned for results and updates .. Daily updates are on all Tournament Sites.

Once again, Tommy & Lori Garcia are delighted to do their part in these events and salute the year-round activity and efforts necessary to put these first class tournaments on year after year.

We applaud the participation by all – including Boat Owners, Captains, Mates, Anglers, Cheerleaders, Official Weighmasters, Photographers (Danny and Mario) and wish to acknowledge the Hotels, Resorts, Villa owners, and Restaurant personnel for making all of “Los Cabos”, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and Todos Santos welcoming and embracing to visitors and guests in the truest spirit of hospitality.

October 16, 2013

We’ve officially begun the 2013 Tournament Season kicking off with the LCBT event .. Los Cabos Billfish Tournament

Cheering for several VIP Guests and friends participating including Scott Oliver & Laura Bosse , John Martin & Ron Pascoe, Ross Coburn, Mike Mullen, all the Beltran boys, Chris Vincent & Bobbi, Capt Franky, all the Abaroa boys, Bob Manroe & Kyle Manroe, Joel Broussard, Team Galati .. and best of luck to all participants for a fun safe and profitable event!

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