Soar Like a Superhero with Cabo Flyboard

Summer visitors to Cabo San Lucas may have noticed some startling sights off Médano Beach: Extreme fun seekers rise from the bay like Iron Man courtesy of water-propelled boots attached to what appear to be a long fire hose.

Cabo Flyboard

Flyboarding is the coolest new water sport in Los Cabos.

What these superheroes for a day are doing is called flyboarding, and its the coolest new water sport going. How new is flyboarding? Answer: Very. It was developed by French watercraft champion Franky Zapata in spring 2011, and it has been gaining in popularity ever since.

Cabo Flyboard is the first authorized rental and distribution business in Baja California Sur, and it has set up shop behind Casa Dorada, just steps from the beach. Once you meet the crack team at  Cabo Flyboard—Jason, Paulina, and Beto—and watch a training video, you’re ferried out to a water-based platform, where you strap in for your adventure.

Essentially, this is the way it works: The flyboard is attached by the hose to a jet ski, and every time the driver revs the throttle you get enough power to propel you out of the water. You’re steering the jet ski, and powering out with your head just above the water line is in itself an incredible feeling, particularly with the warm summer water temperatures. But the fun really starts when you start coming out of the water and riding big air.

Cabo Flyboard

Cabo Flyboard lets you can rise from the water like a superhero.

There really is something of a superhero feel to flyboarding. I’ve heard the experience described as a cross between being Aquaman and Iron Man, and it’s certainly true. Rushing through the water with your hands at your side is intensely satisfying—it’s almost as if you’re a human speedboat—but that feeling of levitation, of twisting and turning is truly special, especially given Land’s End is the backdrop.

Steering is controlled by your feet, and by gently moving back and forth from your heels to your toes, you can maintain balance and rise higher and higher into the air. Once you get the hang of coming out of the water, you can use your knees to make s-shaped turns and perhaps even progress to mid-air flips. Clients are fitted with life jackets and helmets, so you’re never underwater for more than a few seconds.

Cabo Flyboard

Flyboarding was developed in 2011 by French Jet Ski champion Franky Zapata.

I caught some good air my first time out, and even made a few turns, but I’m looking forward to going back and learning some new tricks. After I finished, Beto took over the jet ski while Jason gave an expert demonstration of the flyboard’s potential. At times he would dive from the air into the water like a porpoise, then emerge back into the air for a few more moves. It was an impressive performance, and I think I may have caught the flyboarding bug. I’m already thinking about my second visit.

Flyboarding is family-friendly, so whether you’re young or just young at heart, don’t let the summer season end without checking in with the first-class team at Cabo Flyboarding. Maybe I’ll see you there.

For more information please visit Cabo Flyboard Contact Page.

Cabo Flyboarding, Andador Casa Dorada, Av. del Pescador Local #6, Médano Beach, Cabo San Lucas, (624) 143-0146, MasterCard and Visa accepted.