Twin Dolphin Beach or Playa Las Viudas

Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Playa Las Viudas - Widow's Beach — Local Favorite

The Hotel Twin Dolphin is no longer in operation. It has been closed since 2006. The buildings were demolished during late 2006 or early 2007. The Chileno Bay Club is now under construction on this site. The area is undergoing development at this time. Beach access is marked and remains open, but watch for heavy construction equipment along the access road.
Access: You can access the beach at km 11.5, along the Tourist Corridor. Take the dirt road about 700 meters toward the ocean. There is a small parking lot and portable toilet facilities.

Travel writer Larry Dunmire talks about Twin Dolphin Beach in the article below written in the late 1990's. The photo below was taken August 2010.

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Playa Las Viudas Tourist Corridor, February 24, 2016. View more photos in:

playa las viudas - formerly known as twin dolphin beach -  cabo san lucas tourist corridorIf you discover this beach, you have discovered one of my favorite places. Tucked away by the Hotel Twin Dolphin, Playa Las Viudas seems to almost always be secluded. Even if there are people around, you might never know due to the beaches unique little coves and volcanic rock formations. This is the perfect place to sun yourself for an afternoon (in the buff if you’d like) and have a picnic, while enjoying the peaceful and serene nature that surrounds you.
The photo on the left was taken August 2010.

The sapphire ocean off Playa Las Viudas beach shimmers in the sun, reflecting the reefs below, creating extraordinary beauty that makes the trip to this primitive beach inviting. These reefs are great for snorkeling, diving, and swimming; however, it is wise to use caution and only swim when the water is calm. Bring along your beach essentials: umbrella, hat, sun screen, lotion, water and anything else you deem necessary, since supplies are not available nearby. To find this charming retreat in paradise, turn right at KM 12.5 just before the Hotel Twin Dolphin entrance and follow the dirt road for about 7/10th of a mile down to the beach.

secluded twin dolphin beach los cabos mexicoAt certain times of the year, the sand can be relatively deep and soft and may require 4 wheel drive, but for the most part the road is navigable by any vehicle. There are several secluded spots in this area as you continue west along the beach toward the Cabo del Sol Golf Course and development. So enjoy a relaxing afternoon away from the bustle of downtown Cabo San Lucas and allow yourself to transcend to a more natural Los Cabos beach experience.

Excerpt from Los Cabos Magazine article by Sabrina Lear - Issue #9 - July 2004.

Playa Las Viudas – Pristine and Primitive
Secluded Playa Las Viudas (Widows’ Beach) is a favorite local beach with an "away from it all" feeling. Although the Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos is around the point at Cabo del Sol, during the week you may be completely alone, with even more seclusion to the southwest.

Also called Twin Dolphin Beach after the nearby hotel, the pristine shoreline is broken by lunar-looking rock outcroppings creating tidal pools and intimate areas to spend a lazy afternoon—with as much or as little privacy as you like. Swim with caution. Enter next to the Twin Dolphin hotel, on the southwest side at Kilometer 12.5.

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We emphatically stress that swimming off all the beaches on the Pacific side is dangerous due to swift sea currents and powerful waves. Use caution. As you will discover along the Los Cabos coast, almost all roads lead to a beach and a new adventure
Please do not drive on any of the area's beaches. Mexican Federal law prohibits driving any motorized vehicles on any beach in Mexico.
Please do not litter our beaches. Always take along a plastic trash bag for your trash. Also, consider picking up any trash left by other inconsiderate people. Help keep the beaches clean and beautiful.
Things to Remember
It is important to remember a few things before beginning your Baja Beach trip:

Number One: There are no lifeguards here, not even at most hotel pools. So, try not to swim alone as no big lifeguard hunk wearing red Speedos is going to come to your rescue.

Number Two: One won’t find a convenience store on every corner here (or on any corner for that matter), so bring lots of sunblock, sunglasses, water, snacks, bathroom tissue, film as well as a beach umbrella, snorkeling gear, sand toys, etc. And don’t forget a bag to carry your trash out in.

Number Three: Certain beaches have seas with severe undertows, dangerous breakers, rip tides, or deep drop-offs close to shore. Pay attention to any warning signs.

Number Four: Remember that it’s illegal to drive on beaches in México. Environmental protectionism is growing in countries all over the world and one needs to be as sensitive here in México as in the USA. In either country, a fuel spill from one’s boat or 4x4 on most beaches can result in stiff fines.





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