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Beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas, Tourist Corridor and San Jose del Cabo, East Cape, Pacific Coast, and Todos Santos Beaches

There are many amazing beaches to visit and enjoy in Cabo San Lucas, the Tourist Corridor, San Jose del Cabo, The East Cape and Todos Santos areas of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Lover’s Beach, Monuments, El Tule, Santa Maria Beach, Playa Chileno, Playa Las Viudas or Twin Dolphin Beach, Westin Beach, Playa El Medano. Cabo Pulmo,  Los Frailes, Playa Acapulquito, Palmilla Beach, Costa Azul Beach, Playa Migriño, San Pedro and more.

List of Beaches in the Los Cabos Area

With thousands of miles of coastline, Mexico offers everything you could wish for in your beach vacation. And if you’re looking for romantic secluded caves and an excellent marine variety, with a backdrop of primordial rock formations and the wilderness of the desert in sight, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur is the place. This is a list of the many beaches in Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos area along the Sea of Cortez and Pacific coast.

Cabo San Lucas Area Beaches

beaches: Aerial view of Medano Beach, harbor, marina and ocean at Cabo San Lucas.Los Cabos is home to many beautiful beaches, a few of which, like Lover’s and Médano, are endlessly extolled by travel and guidebook writers. But there is one beach that never seems to be mentioned, despite the fact that its location is so central to Cabo San Lucas that it borders the entrance to the Cabo San Lucas Marina, and it is mere steps from the building that housed the town’s primary commercial enterprise prior to widespread, government-sponsored tourism.  Beaches located in the general area of downtown Cabo San Lucas. Playa el Medano (Medano Beach), Divorce Beach, Lover’s Beach, Playa Solmar, Cannery Beaches, Pedregal Beach, and more.

beaches: Chileno Beach along he Tourist Corridor of Cabo San Lucas, a Blue Flag beach.Tourist Corridor Beaches

These beaches are located along the Tourist Corridor connecting Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Santa Maria Beach, Chileno Beach, Playa El Tule, Monuments Beach, Costa Azul, Playa Palmilla and other beaches along the Sea of Cortez.

San José del Cabo Beaches

beachesAlthough inviting, many beaches in the Los Cabos area are not recommended for swimming or may be designated as non-swimmable at particular times. This is due to the strong ocean currents where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortés. There are still many reasons why you would want to search the beaches in the area to enjoy the waves, the pristine golden sand and sparkling azure water. Here is a list of beaches on the San José del Cabo area.   La Playita, Playa Hotelera, El Estero, Zippers, Playa Estero, Costa Azul on the Sea of Cortez in the San Jose del Cabo area.

Pacific Ocean Coast Beaches 

Beaches along the Pacific Coast of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico include Pedregal, Beach, Playa El Faro Viejo, Playa el Suspiro or Playa Desaladora , Las Margaritas Beach, Playa Migriño,
 Playa Los Cerritos, San Pedro, Playa Las Palmas, Punta Lobos and more.

beachesEast Cape Region Beaches

La Playita, Playa La Laguna, Los Frailes, Cabo Pulmo Beach, El Rincon, Shipwrecks Beach,Playa Higuera (Fig Tree Beach),  East Cape La Ribera. Beaches east of San Jose del Cabo.


Todos Santos Beaches

beachesPlaya de Agua Blanca Beach is part of the Todos Santos beach frontage, situated in the town of Todos Santos. Las Pocitas is northwest of town. Beautiful, yet watch for the waves and undertow when there is a big swell. This is best for surfing than for swimming. Playa La Pastora is north of town, take Topete.  Go past the Agua Blanca campground signs. Stunning Beach, best for advanced surfing.  Playa Punta Lobos is located just south of town at Km. 54, then west 1.5 miles to the beach. The closest beach to “downtown” Todos Santos, Playa Punta Lobos, is used by the local fisherman to launch their boats.

Nude Beach or Topless Sunbathing Beaches

beachesNude beaches in Los Cabos are a perpetually popular search topic, despite the fact, or perhaps because there really aren’t any…at least not officially. Public nudity in México is illegal, although there are exceptions to this rule. Playa Zipolite in Oaxaca, por ejemplo, famously has a nude-friendly section at its western end, one that is officially sanctioned. This sort of thing is a rarity, however, in a predominantly Catholic country with largely conservative views on the subject.

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